The Importance Of Responsive Web Design

Posted by clever ativity on February 28th, 2018

Web design continues changing at a very rapid pace. This is mainly due to the fact that the way people view websites continues to evolve everyday with introduction and adoption of new technology and devices. There was a time when all you need to consider when designing your website is your desktop computer. As at that time, website designs were not as flexible as needed by the gadgets having different sizes of the screens.

This have all changed. Today, you need to have a website that can be viewed in multiple ways from different devices.  Website owners are now realizing the benefits of designing their website is such a way that it can be viewed from home computer, laptop, smartphone, netbook, tablet and even through their television.  The standard for creating website is one that is responsive which implies that you need to create optimal viewing across all of the above mentioned devices or you could end up losing lots of visitors and potential business partners.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive website design is a solution to create optimal viewing experiences for your website visitors. This means that your website cannot only be viewed across all devices but also built in such a way that allows for easy reading, ideal viewing, and effective navigation with less need to resize, pan and scroll – across a wide range of devices. This implies that the layout of your web pages will adopt the viewing resolution or environment of any device, creating an optimal user experience.

A responsive website designer ensures that screen-layouts, navigation elements, text, audio, video players, images and the rest of UI elements automatically re-adjust themselves across variety of devices. Thus with responsive design, there will be no need to maintain different version of websites for mobile and different one for desktop.

As adoption of tablets and smartphone continues to increase at a very rapid rate, so does the importance of mobile-friendly websites. New technologies such as smartphones, Phablet and tablets have changed the usual approach towards design and user experience of websites. The user experience from desktop is not the same as interacting with websites on smartphones and tablets. Factors such as; screen size, click versus touch, pixel-resolution, optimized markup and Adobe’s flash support technology and many more have become vital while creating websites with responsive design.

What Are The Importance Of Creating Responsive Website?

Now that we have known what responsive web design is all about, we will now look at the benefits of creating a website that can re-adjust itself to fit any screen automatically. Below are some of the reasons why you need to create a responsive website:

Very Flexible

Responsive web design websites are super flexible, they create great website with super feel and look. This type of design makes your website fluid. This implies that your content will easily move across every screen resolutions on all devices. The images and grids in responsive design are fluid. Imagine how liquids spread out to fill an allotted space on a bowel and still retain its appearance, responsive web design’s behaves in such way with your contents on every device screen.

It is Recommended By Google

Google is the king of search engine traffics. They have 67% of search engine market share, so when they speaks, all the search marketers listen. You can only ignore Google’s recommendation to your own detriment.  Google referred to responsive web design as the industry best practice. They also state that responsive web design is their recommended mobile configuration. This is due to the fact that responsive websites needs only one URL and even the same HTML no matter the device the user is using which makes the crawling, indexing and organizing content by Google machine more efficient.

Moreover, Google stated they are going to be using mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in the future. This went into operation as of April 21st 2015. Google began rewarding sites which were built responsively for multi-device support with more search engine traffics. In the other hand, by rewarding sites with responsive design, Google are indirectly penalizing those that have no responsive design. What this implies is that responsive web design such as the ones created by will help you get improved search engine rankings.

Cost Effective

Two heads is better than one does not apply when creating the same website for various devices. It is more affordable to create one single responsive design that can conform to the need of all devices than creating two separate websites for both mobile and desktop requirements. Obviously, creating one website is cheaper than creating two and this can help you to save substantial amount of money.

Creating separate websites for different devices is costly and inconvenient because it requires that the user maintain two separate web addresses for the same site. Of course with lot of options available to the user in form of your competitors, he can easily switch to another website. Responsive design saves you money and improves your SEO efforts so that your entire user can be visiting one single quality website.

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