Five Reasons Why You Should Get G Suite for Your Organization

Posted by NickCorby on March 1st, 2018

Recently, Google has rebranded all their apps as G Suite. It contains applications like Docs, Gmail, Calendar, Drive among others with exclusive premium features. G Suite depends entirely on the cloud for storage of your data. This is a good thing because all your data is stored offline meaning all your data is safe even in case your computer gets damaged. You can access your G Suite anytime and anywhere. The best part — you can get this package at a discount by using G Suite promotion code while subscribing to it. This should give you a head start on enjoying the services of your business.

Short Learning Curve

Google is one of the most popular brands in the world today. Many people across the globe already know how to use many apps offered by Google. This means that you will spend less time and resources to train your staff. Those with zero knowledge will not be a concern because the learning curve is short.

New Features Added Regularly

G Suite gets better each day because Google is determined to add new features consistently. Some of these include responses to email automatically, Jamboard (to create and collaborate ideas), and a Calendar redesign. Adding these features shows that Google has the interest in sealing any loopholes that might be dissatisfying to the clients.

Work Offline

Accessing G Suite is not a problem at all. All you need as a user is an email address and a password. Many applications that offer cloud services have a challenge of not operating without an internet connection. This is not true with G Suite. It allows you to enjoy the services without an internet connection. You and your employees can still access your data anywhere, anytime.

Sharing and Collaborating in Real Time

Sharing data and information in offices is a common practice. Also, to be more efficient in a business it requires teamwork. This is made possible by use of G Suite. For instance, with Google Docs, a team can fill a spreadsheet working together in real time. This makes work easy for teams as employees can do work together even when they are in different places simultaneously. Documents can also be saved in multiple formats.

Subscription Plans

This service does not come free, although it comes with a short free trial period (14 days). You can subscribe to one of the three packages (Basic, Business, Enterprise) to experience the goodness of G Suite. The first is the Basic subscription plan which is set at every month or annually. With the basic subscription, you get up to 30GB cloud storage. The Business package is available at on a monthly basis while the Enterprise one you will have to pay around every month. The third one has numerous extra features like unlimited cloud storage and data loss prevention along with special integration features you could avail compared to the first two plans. If you are looking to get G suite, then do not forget to get the G Suite promotion code to enjoy the special discount.

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