QoL Improvements and Deadman Permadeath Beta with OSRS Gold for Sale

Posted by lovesky on March 2nd, 2018

OSRS team have released many of the outstanding Quality of Life updates alongside the Achievement Diary interface rework from 5th Birthday shenanigans. OSRS Team will also run a beta test of the most recent Deadman Tournament changes! Don't miss QoL Improvementand Deadman Permadeath Beta with OSRS Gold for Sale.

OSRS Deadman Spring 2018 will comming soon

OSRS will be hosting a beta playthrough of the final stages of the Deadman Spring Finals later today. It's important to note that the purpose of the beta playthrough is to determine that the mechanics in-game work as expected, and it's not an opportunity to practise and refine your game plan. As such, we're opting to go ahead with the usual open first-come first-served policy to ensure that the world will be at capacity and allows us to gather the best possible feedback.
OSRS Deadman Spring 2018

OSRS Deadman Spring 2018

The playthrough specifics:
The beta playthrough will take place on Thursday 1st March at 3pm GMT (10am EST)

The playthrough is going to be held on World 400.

The world will be accessible from 3pm GMT (10am EST) and you will be given 15 minutes to login and prepare.

The playthrough begins properly at 3:15pm GMT (10:15am EST).

The event is expected to last around 90 minutes but will run through to its completion.

The supply chests will be included in the beta playthrough.

You will login and be given this inventory and this gear:

If you're intending to take part, we recommend visiting the Spring Finals Deadman page to see the major tournament content changes. We've also spent some time working on our spectator system and refining the overall viewing experience. We'll be keeping it all under wraps for now, so be sure to register for the event on our twitch page twitch.tv/OldSchoolRS to get notified when the tournament kicks off! You can also Buy Cheap Runescape 2007 Gold from us.

Quality of Life Changes
You can expect the remaining QoL Month features to turn up over the next few weeks. OSRS team will let you get as many of your most popular Quality of Life and low effort update suggestions done within a month.

Players will now have a warning when attempting to cast any wilderness teleports from the Ancient spellbook. This can be toggled on/off by right-clicking the relevant spell.

Players who have completed the Wilderness Hard diary and are able to choose their teleport location with the Wilderness obelisks will now find the list of locations is ordered via their Wilderness level.

Completing Champion's scrolls will now also reward you with a lamp of experience which grants 10 times that of which you would normally be given from the challenge. You claim this lamp from a chest that has been added to the Champion's Guild basement. Players who have previously completed a Champion's scroll can obtain their unclaimed lamps from the same chest.

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