Nothing, however, would not give satisfaction

Posted by mtgu uacro on March 2nd, 2018

Nothing, however, would not give satisfaction, as relying on what is already Advanced IQre. Off-road training is much more demanding and brain certainly bring more benefits (including those related to Advanced IQ development of character).

Example exercises running with Advanced IQ tire presented below:

- Speed ​​(maximum speed) with Advanced IQ tire at a distance of 40 meters. We try to move right away as soon as possible and continue all running at full, possible for us to speed. It recommended primarily for those who want to improve Advanced IQ speed or mere dynamic out of Advanced IQ blocks. We offer 2x4x40 meters with a break of about 5-8 minutes.

- Running at a moderate speed over a distance of 100 meters. Here we run so brain without much sacrifice to withstand Advanced IQ whole distance. We offer 10x100 meters, but it can be freely modified. Breaks are also about 4 minutes.


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