The nerd glasses with more style

Posted by rohny01 on March 2nd, 2018

The nerd glasses are a revolution. Since they became a trend a few years ago, showing the photos of when we were little is the most fun, at the same time cool. If you were also one of those lucky people who loved to read while your parents chose the glasses-less attractive (then) but "the most comfortable and resistant", you're in luck! You are already a true icon of fashion that is the nerdy glasses. It was time for karma to reward for all those years of gratuitous suffering. That's why he has done it big: now, it girls and celebrities love your style! They envy both your nerd-style glasses that use them even without having sight problems, with neutral lenses or even without glasses.

What are the nerd glasses with more style?

When the nerd style began to become popular, it was synonymous with thick, rectangular and, generally, black glasses. However, as the trend has been extended, the models have been changing in their forms - first, rectangular and larger, then square XL size, currently round. Now they can be found in a variety of colours, patterns, materials, rods with lighter shapes and designs.

Classic nerd glasses

The classic nerd glasses are like a basic white shirt in your wardrobe: a sure hit and a must of all seasons. The best models that are available to us are a good example of classic nerd glasses with a design of extraordinary strength and elegance.

Vintage nerd style glasses

The fashion glasses now have large frames and round shapes with turtle print. They thus give a vintage air together with a seductive style.  Nerd glasses for women are inspired by the highlights of the Italian island countryside, which are impregnated like small flowers splashing the landscape of each look. The result is an elegant blend of sobriety and beauty, available in classic Havana and jet tones, with turtle print in both designs.

Round nerd glasses

People like Steve Jobs or characters like Harry Potter, in addition to collecting admirers, have also managed to discard the idea that round glasses are objects of an antiquarian. The round nerd glasses offer a huge range of possibilities, but without a doubt, one of the most magical is the one that recalls the style of the classic writers.

These are some proposals for all those women who want to get one of the nerd glasses with more style. You can find many more models of nerdy glasses frames, you will not go unnoticed this season. For more details click .

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