Ways to Keep Construction Sites Secure

Posted by joseeliyo1232 on March 3rd, 2018

Construction of any architectural structure takes significant amount of time and effort. “Great things take time to build”; the leaning tower of Pisa was built in 199 years, ST. Peter’s basilica in Vatican City took 144 years to be constructed, ST. Basil’s cathedral was constructed in 123 years. Thanks to the development in the engineering sector construction of buildings does not take as long as it did before but they still require a significant amount of time.

Various types of heavy machinery, tools and building materials are usually stacked at the construction site so that process can be completed as soon as possible. The stacking of building material at the construction site increases the risk of the material being stolen so the best thing to do in such situation is hiring security service providers. The security guards are generally accompanied by construction site dogs. They help the guards in ensuring that no acts of theft occur.

Reports generated by D&K management’s consultants’ state that around 1 billion dollars are lost due to thefts at construction site. Most construction site security service providers install safety fencing around the construction area. This simple technique can be very helpful as this conveys a message to the people that this area is to be avoided. Many agencies limit the number of entrances in the construction area to keep a check on the people who come in and go out. Fewer entrances also mean less escape routes for intruders. Warning signs are generally put up as they convey the message very clearly.

Safety lighting is installed to ensure that the security guard has an easy time spotting any intruder. More lighting means less hiding spots for criminals. Placing security guard at the reception is also very beneficial as the vigilant eyes of the reception security guards can scare the criminals away. Installing security cameras at the construction site is also a very effective way of stopping thefts and acts of vandalism. The camera poses a threat to the criminals as they can be tracked down because of cameras. One of the best security providers around in the UK is Portland Support Services Ltd. They utilize the latest technologies and employ strong vigilant guards that are equipped with weapons and guard dogs.

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