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Posted by Britney Jewel on March 5th, 2018

The idea of The 100 movie series features some story which will give you time to think to guess if it is possible for Earth dwellers to stay alive after the nuclear bomb destroy planet. On the other hand the place that people would be living is very harsh environment while you don’t know if some place has a good air to breathe. Well, in The 100 movie series there are plenty of things that will surprise you. Which also include isolated enclaves of humanity which was created as the years goes by. So what is going on with the bunker and how this helps the survivor? Since almost of the things in the movie series are out of technology due to harsh climate, communication is a big issue as well while savage animals and people are a threat to The 100 and the good guys.

the 100 season 5

Clarke and her other friends even though separated they can be reunited in season 5. There are things that they need to do in the story, which make it very hard for Clarke to do her task and she needs help from friends. Nonetheless this coming The 100 Season 5 will be showing us the best story ever. Since Clarke will do the best to help stop those who put their lives in a very uncomfortable way.

Yes we all know that Clarke is preparing to become a very badass in Season 5 and she will surely get those who want to do some wrong things in her world. What you will love most about the story is the idea of how the characters in the planet Earth are starting to work together in spite of their individual indifference.

Although there are moments they have to walk away from each other since they have to stand against on what they believe. Even they are times that they need to oppose each or should kill each for whatever their reason. The 100 movie series surely brings more life to Post-apocalyptic story on how people should live standing strong while others lost their sanity and that is where how strong and brave people Clarke and Bellamy and their group will have to do to save people and to help those who are in need of help.

By the way folks we will not be seeing Bellamy on season 5 since he is dead and we will be seeing him in any scene with as a way of remembering on how he help Clarke and the people. For those who are a fan of The 100 you can surely enjoy the best of this popular movie series just like The Vikings, The Walking Dead, Supernatural and more, watch here.

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