Make Your Own Sterling Silver Earrings and Save Money

Posted by Elite Internet Technologies on March 5th, 2018

In these tough economic times, people all over the world are cutting back on expenses as never before.  The easiest to cut is the budget for gifts and costume jewelry purchases because these are not vital to living a decent life.

However, there are many people who just love wearing earrings or who love giving presents to the special persons in their lives.And they will always find a way! Even if this means creating their own jewelry. Creating handmade jewelry, like handmade earrings, is a great idea. You can come across numeroustutorials for do-it-yourself earrings,which can be made for a fraction of the amount that you would have spent otherwise on buying new earrings.

All you need is a set of dedicated tools and guidance. If you love jewelry, you will love designing your own pieces of jewelry. You don't even have to be skilled to make simple, elegant pieces of jewelry.

Here are some examplesthat will help you learn how to make earrings with sterling silver ear wires and posts. People prefer this type of earrings because:

  • They are hypoallergenic for most people
  • Silver is a precious metal cheaper than white gold or platinum

For the Sterling Silver Earrings: You will not have to use any tool.

When you want to create this type of earrings, you don'tneed any tool.Your hands are good enough. Good sterling silver beadspost earring findings show a thin, rounded profile on the vertical. A "U"-shaped hook is at the bottom edge of these findings,which is open to the back. You only need to hang a drop with a soldered ring, at the top of the "U"-shaped hook, and simply pinch the top of the hook with your fingers.

Sterling Silver Earrings: One Tool Required

There are lots of earring posts and ear-wires that come with open rings soldered to the bottom of the earring findings. You only have to open these rings gently to the side to hang a drop or dangle. You can do this task with your hands.

To use either earring findings or earring posts, you need to GENTLY move a part of the open ring soldered to the bottom of the finding to the side.  Now you can easily hang a drop or a wire-wrapped dangle onto the open ring.  You will have to use the pliers once again to GENTLY move the open piece of the ring back into place to close the gap of the open ring.

If you are thinking to save money by cutting the budget for jewelry and gifts, you can put together attractive sterling silver earrings on a modest budget. This way you can offer pleasing handcrafted gifts to the loved ones, including attractive earrings. Making your own earrings is an easy task and it will be a good idea if you want to save money.

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