How to Develop Personality Development

Posted by Marry Mart on March 5th, 2018

Personality is nothing but the aggregate conglomeration of memories and incidents in an individual's entire lifespan. Environmental factors, family background, financial conditions, genetic factors, situations and circumstances also contribute to an individual's personality.Our personality forms the very crux of who we are as an individual.A powerful and well-rounded personality accelerates success and popularity in all walks of life. 

Personality development is defined as a process of developing and enhancing one's personality. It helps an individual to gain confidence and high self-esteem. Developing a personality is said to have a positive impact on one's communication skills and the way he sees the world. Individuals tend to develop a positive attitude as a result of personality development. 

Personality development grooms an individual and helps him make a mark of his/her own. It also goes a long way in reducing stress and conflicts. It encourages individuals to look at the brighter sides of life and face even the worst situations with a smile. 
Personality development helps you develop a positive attitude in life. An individual with a negative attitude finds a problem in every situation. Rather than cribbing and criticizing people around, analyzing the whole situation and try to finding an appropriate solution for the same helps deal with situations in a better way. 
One of the most tiresome thing is trying to be something you're not. Moulding yourself in order to fit in, or be accepted, usually backfires. Since each of us is unique, expressing that uniqueness is what makes us interesting. Attempting to be a carbon copy of someone else not only falls flat, but reveals a lack of authenticity.

A study (Fatemeh and Mariyam, 2011) showed the prediction between personality traits and self-esteem. The results showed that most personality traits were significant negative predictors of self-esteem.

Personality development for students can begin in the classroom environment by designing the school curriculum appropriately to groom students. Teachers can also be trained to monitor students’ performance in personality skill development exercises regularly. In addition,

personality development for kids can begin as early by 2 years of age by enrolling them at play schools that give importance for personality grooming classes or sessions; so that they learn to manage their personality and behaviour at a very young age.

Personality management is the concept where we organise our behaviour according to need and type of people around us. We have different people around having varied personalities. It is therefore necessary to be skilled at managing our traits to avoid clashes at work or home.

Personality development counselling aids children, adolescents and adults to get clarity on their personality traits and behaviour, to be a better and healthy individual, to develop a pliable attitude towards life challenges and an enthusiasm to learn and apply in their lives.

Social and personality development: While social development looks on improving one’s potential in social arenas (i.e. how one become socially equipped), personality development is all about making a person “individually equipped” so he become both personally and socially qualified. So, both social and personality development occur in the social setting. Social development involves a person learning from his environment and using them in specific social settings. Personality development is all about improving oneself as an individual an equipping themselves to meet life challenges boldly. The only difference is that social development begins since birth, but, personality develops overtime (once the toddler starts following rules and instructions).

How to improve personality?

Personality is a key and vital feature that attracts an individual to a significant other. Therefore being adorned with a good personality stands far high than good looks. Your performance and success and eventually be determined by your personality. Some methods to enhancing personality is mentioned below:

  • Being Yourself: Being fake or wearing a mask not only portrays a negative outlook but also exposes your weird and true nature. So be natural and unique the way you are.
  • Be confident: Do not forget to voice your opinions in situations where a necessary point has to be raised. People will appreciate you for confidence unlike the point being raised.
  • Positive outlook: Everyone undergo difficult situations in in life that creates turbulences in our daily functioning. But keeping the spirit high determines how strong we were  during those trials.

Communications skills are prime necessity to personality development. Our personality depends on the style of communication, speaking etiquette, confidence and culture. Without understanding the details in the environment (e.g. verbal or non-verbal information) one cannot add style or grace to your personality. So both personality development and communication skills are interlinked. 

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