Looking Forward to Optimize Your SaaS Applications?

Posted by Binadox Solutions on March 5th, 2018

Using different types of SaaS applications is a common thing among most of the big organizations nowadays. Even though, there are many SaaS applications being used within some organizations and benefiting them a lot but still some of them are underutilized. Therefore, it is important to optimize underutilized SaaS applications in a perfect manner. When it comes to SaaS optimization, it is not a big thing today with the support of an efficient and smart software usage monitoring tool. You would surely find such tools really very helpful and effective in terms of optimizing your organization’s software investments in a perfect manner. Making optimizing of underutilized SaaS applications is really an important thing to consider for organizations to avoid several unwanted situations. CIOs and CFOs of an organization should consider getting an organizational overview about how, what and when they have exactly subscribed SaaS applications that are being used within their organization.

It is really important for such important business leaders of the organizations to control and monitor the exact usage of the software license services. If so, they would definitely be able to spot underutilized SaaS applications before to the next year renewal for their IT budget forecasting. Cloud-based portfolio optimization of the SaaS applications is also an important thing to consider in this regard. After detecting all unproductively used SaaS applications, one can easily reassign entitlements and downgrade subscription. It is really important to reassign downgrade subscriptions and entitlements if not all their capabilities are being used. Then, you can plan for future purchases of any other type of SaaS applications of your choice and need in a hassle-free manner.

If you really wish to avoid useless or unproductive SaaS adoption and limit the number of SaaS applications across the organization, you should consider the significance of having IT transparency. IT transparency enables employees to check whether there is already an entitlement available or not when he is need of a new capability. As a result, IT and procurement before making purchase of the new applications can easily recover and redeploy the existing licenses. There is no denying that SaaS optimization is an important factor to consider first above all if you really wish to control your SaaS applications expenditures. Choosing an effective optimization tool is really important for your SaaS apps. So, what are you waiting for? Consider the significance of optimizing your SaaS applications and make smarter decisions about your SaaS spend!

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