Why Guests Left The Cart Abandoned And How To Fight Them?

Posted by David Harper on March 5th, 2018

For any e-commerce website, the problem ditched cart can be a serious issue. The shoppers, leaving the site without buying any products can cause severe losses for the company. When the shopper puts anything in the cart and leaves without placing the order, the e-commerce has to understand why this happened. Did the website crash while placing the order? Or, was the procedure to place the order tedious or cumbersome? Several other reasons can also cause the given problem. But, the result would mean that the company did not sell any product and ended up making losses. To avoid this issue, the e-commerce companies need to focus on what is causing the problem. Let’s look into some of the reasons which can cause this problem:

Unclear Shipping Rates:

Most of the customers refrain from placing the order is unclear shipping rates on the online portal. According to an independent survey, as far thirty percent of the survey participants admitted that have left the online shopping midway after knowing the portals shipping charges. This sort of transaction makes the customers distrustful, and they end up going the cart.

How To Fix The Problem? - The online portals can show the exact billing amount is going to be after the customer buys a product. The online website can also put up a small shipping cost calculator for their guests. It will not only make the transaction more clear, but the shoppers will have more faith on the e-commerce website.

Website Crashing:

Website crashing can also cause the guests to abandon their shopping cart in the middle of a buying spree. At times, this issue can cause the shopping websites lose the customer permanently.

How To Solve The Problem? - The e-commerce can engage with the help of website developers and testers to check the technical issues coming upon the website. For more information, they can regularly organize customer surveys and feedback forms.

Sign Up Formalities:

The mandatory signup policy implemented by the shopping portals can be another turn off for the customers. The problem of identity theft, the hassle of remembering the login credentials, etc. forces the customers to opt out of shopping.

How To Fix? - The sites can provide promotional offers to the customers who sign up.  It can help in fixing the abandoned cart problem.

The problem of customers leaving before placing the order can be a severe issue for the e-commerce companies. To fix this problem, they can try to simplify their shopping website by providing clear and transparent shipping rates. Also, maintain the quality of the site is essential. It can avoid the problem of website crashing to the minimum. Also, easing up the signing in the process can help getting a better customer base.

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