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Posted by Maggie on March 6th, 2018

Vorkath will rarely drop his head. Players can take this head to Ava in Draynor Manor along with an Ava’s accumulator to buy runescape 2007 gold and obtain an Ava’s assembler, a new best in slot ranged item for the cape slot. Ava’s assembler can randomly gather mithril ranged items. This would require 70 Ranged to equip. Both Vorkath’s head and Ava’s Assembler will be untradeable. There will be a max cape version of Ava’s Assembler. The Assembler has the same chance of saving ammunition as the Accumulator.

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With the introduction of a quest based around dragons, it seems fitting we should offer a new NPC for you to slay! With the current metal dragon’s lineage ending at Mithril, we’d love to finally give you the chance to add both Adamant and Runite dragons to the game!

Guarantee of one drop per dragon, these tradeable bones give 150 Prayer xp when buried making them the best bones in the game. However, they require a Prayer level of 70 to use. Superior dragon bones can also be crushed with a Pestle and Mortar to create Crushed dragon bones which are a secondary ingredient in the potential new Superior antifire potions. Use of the bones will not require completion of the quest.

Players with 84 Fletching will be able to add feathers to these to make Dragon bolts. Dragon bolts will be new crossbow bolts that can be fired Dragon (if added to the game), Dragon hunter and Armadyl crossbows. Dragon bolts (unf) and Dragon bolts will be tradeable. Use of these bolts in any form will not require completion of the quest.

If Dragon bolts (unf) are added to the game, should it be possible to add bolt tips Dragonstone upwards to the finished product? They would have the same effect as current bolts, with the only difference being the added base stats of the Dragon Bolt. The use of these would not require completion of the quest.

Dragon limbs are a new tradeable item that can be used to create the Dragon crossbow. Players with 78 Fletching will be able to create a Magic stock Magic logs which can be used with Dragon limbs to create a Dragon crossbow (u). This can then be strung with a crossbow string to create a Dragon crossbow. The Dragon crossbow will sit between the Runite crossbow and the Dragon hunter crossbow. The crossbow will be tradeable and will require 65 Ranged to equip. Completion of the quest is not required to equip the crossbow. The experience gained fletching the crossbow would be similar to that of the Rune crossbow.

The Wrath Talisman is a tradeable talisman that can be used to gain access to the Wrath Altar. A Wrath tiara can be created a Wrath talisman. This would only be added if the Wrath Altar is added to the game.

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