Don?t Forget These Dos and Don?ts While Wearing a Gold pendant

Posted by onlinejewellery on March 6th, 2018

While there are plenty of options to purchase when it comes to jewellery, gold, being an eternal metal, has its own charm. The best thing about buying gold jewellery is that it never goes out of trend and its demand never diminishes.

As far as a pendant is concerned, it can provide you with a glamorous look if you have paired it with the precise outfit. However, there are some dos and don’ts of wearing pendants made of gold as well. Have a look here.

  1. Do Find a Pendant According to Your Style:

Like any other accessory, a gold pendant should empower your individual and unique style. Therefore, you must avoid purchasing a pendant that doesn’t complement your personality. Irrespective of your likeliness for it, it won’t accrue any befitting applauds. And, you would end up storing it in your jewellery box unnecessarily.

  1. Don’t Stack Your Neck with Other Things:

While wearing a lot of bangles and several rings look great on you, this does not apply on the pendant. Whether you are adorning a pendant with a necklace or just a simple chain, make sure that you only wear that and nothing else in your neck. Otherwise, a lot of neck accessories will mess up the look and degrade the shine of a pendant.

  1. Do Find the Precise Outfit:

Certainly, you would have a specific accessory that would suit a specific outfit, isn’t it? So, you must wear your pendant only with the outfit that would match perfectly with its beauty. While there is no problem in wearing a pendant every day, but if it is big in size, then you must avoid wearing it for certain activities, like while doing household works, working out, etc.

  1. Don’t Fear Experimenting:

Innovation lies in experimenting. Sure, you are contented with your style right now. But, aren’t you bored with it? Experimenting not just brings lively things but can also help you in discovering a new comfort level. So, try and experiment with your style. This may include pairing pendant with different clothing style or accessories.

  1. Do Try Different Colours:

Pendants are available in different colours. There is no norm or ritual that would compel you to buy a diamond studded pendant with gold metal. You can experiment with colours while keeping the metal gold. Instead of white stones, try some gemstones. Similarly, you can even try different shapes and sizes.

  1. Don’t Forget the Chain:

For a pendant to look graceful, it is important to pay attention to the chain. Don’t forget the chain just to enhance the look of your pendant. Make sure that both the things go along well. If you have a small pendant, then buy a thin chain. On the other hand, for a statement piece, you can consider buying a heavy chain.

Having a pendant that stands for its own uniqueness can surely turn a lot of heads toward you and can bring you a lot of compliments. So, while wearing the ones made of gold, keep these dos and don’ts in mind and shine brightly.

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