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Posted by andrew on March 6th, 2018

It has been seen that the socks that were earlier found on the legs of the airplane pilots or diabetics can now be easily seen on the legs of a plenty of athletes and runners from different sports, so as to make an improvement in their performance. This has been shown by several studies for stimulation of blood flow, recovering fast from a hard run, etc. It is believed that these socks have proven helpful when they are running. There are psychological benefits of wearing items like a running compression socks, or compression calf sleeve tights or other gear, etc.

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It is a matter of fact that, if an individual is thinking of compression socks, then they might think of senior citizens with poor circulation, health problems or the people that stand on their feet all day at work. It is considered as a surplus need for a runner. These compression socks are particularly meant for a runner, who has struggled with injuries. In terms of an offer, recovery as well as injury prevention; they have meant a lot.

It is considered that this does not take much time to convince the runners to jump on the latest trends promising quicker recovery as well as faster marathons. These manufacturers claim tights for increasing delivery, prevent cramps, minimizing muscle fatigue, etc. have proven the wonder garments as well as the hottest item in the athletic circles. Most of the runners trust compression garments. This has been reported by a number of studies. Several studies have been conducted on the garments with mixed results.

IT is considered that these socks are medically approved and are being used since decades. These socks are specially meant for the bedridden as well as inactive patients. It is a matter of fact that the manufacturers of expensive products publicize the performance benefits of the compression technology.


Below mentioned are a few advantages of these products made of using compression technology:

Provides muscular support: these are helpful in reduction of fatigue, muscle vibration as well as cramps

Moisture management: the material of which these socks are composed of wicks and absorbs perspiration away

These socks are fully elasticized

They are adapted to fit the left or right foot

These stockings are helpful in the prevention of blood clots

Helps in increasing circulation of blood

These stockings are fully elasticized creating full pressure on the ankles, legs, and feet of its user. It is medically prescribed to the individuals, so as to make them get prevented from venous troubles as well as manifestations of the chronic venous disease. These are generally prescribed under the given conditions:


Varicose veins

Deep vein thrombosis

Tired, aching legs, etc.

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