Insulated Patio Roof versus Single Skin Roof: Which one is Better?

Posted by Ron William on March 6th, 2018

Should you invest in insulated patio roof in Brisbane or single skin roofs? Why?

Patios are not just decorative additions to gardens or backyard but an integral (read functional) part of modern lifestyle. Be it about unwinding amidst the greenery after a hectic day at work or about indulging in general introspection – for some people, patios are just the place to be. This explains why homeowners, in general, invest liberally on patios—right from their construction to their decoration.

Patios: Not just Decorative Additions to Homes!

Since patios are such important parts of the outdoor set-up, its roofing system plays a very important role when it comes to protecting the same from climatic extremities. Right from the shape of the material, sagacious homeowners prioritize patio roofs without fail. Single skin patio roofing and insulated patio roof in Brisbane – for instance, are two very popular choices owing to the wide array of benefits offered by them. Both of them are cost-effective and low maintenance products. Both of them make for visually appealing additions to homes. However, it’s the latter which outweighs the benefits of the former by a large extent.

insulated patio roof in Brisbane

Homeowners instead of arbitrarily settling for one of these choices – just because both of them are popular – should take the trouble to compare the benefits and then settle for the better choice. Now, why exactly is it said that Insulated patio roofs are better investments than single skin patio roofing? The answers have been unlocked below!

Single Skin and Insulated Patio Roofs:

Now, a single skin patio roof is a single layer of lightweight steel rendered in high gloss. Several sheets are interlocked on installation in a bid to form a watertight seal. The insulated units, on the other hand, have two layers of painted steel with a layer of foam in between. The thickness of the foam can vary from 50mm to 150 mm – depending on personal preference.

Which one is the wiser investment?

Now, as has already been mentioned above, both the options have their own set of benefits to offer. However, when it comes to functionality insulated roofs are clearly the choice of the wisest out there. Users can actually go on to run power for surface mounted fans, lights, powerpoints and LED light cable through them.

These units also score in terms of temperature control. Single sheets do not really guarantee warmth during winters and chills during summers. However, the insulated sheets do! What more? Since the insulated sheets facilitate additional cooling, it can actually help homeowners cut down on energy bills as well.

In order to make the most of the benefits of the insulated patio roof, one should contact licensed tradesmen dealing with insulated roofs, fencing and concrete sleeper retaining wall in Brisbane. One must take the trouble to investigate qualifications before zeroing in on services. A few important factors to be considered are:

  • Experience
  • Reputation
  • Reviews Garnered
  • Previous works
  • Affordability

So, winding up, when one does compare the benefits of insulated roof against single sheets, the former, it seems, will eventually emerge as the choice of the more sagacious souls out there.

concrete sleeper retaining wall in Brisbane

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