Types of Medical Policies for Foreigners Living in CR for More than 90 Days

Posted by Alzbeta berka on March 6th, 2018

The government of Czech Republic has diversified medical insurance policies depending upon status of a foreigner living in this country.

  1. If you plan to remain in this country for professional reasons, then you have two different options depending upon the status of your employment and nationality.
  2. This country approves public medical plans for every European citizen irrespective of their employment status. The public policies require no premium.
  3. The non-European citizens can also enjoy this facility if their employers are the citizens of this country.
  4. The rules are different for non-European citizens who are self-employed. If you are self-employed as a non-European citizen, then you have to purchase a private medical plan to receive visa approval.
  5. The spouse or children of a non-European employee or a self-employed individual are supposed to buy private plans for the Visa approval if they are non-European citizens.

Hence, the government of this country has a variety of medical policies for the foreigners planning to remain in this country for personal or professional reasons for longer than 90 days at a stretch.

  1. The individuals who plan to remain in this country for fewer than 90 days do not need a medical plan for Visa approval. A travel insurance policy is sufficient for these individuals.
  2. The European citizens are also allowed to purchase a private policy in addition to the public medical policy. The public medical plan may cover the basic expenses whilst private Czech Republic health insurance for foreignersmay provide some additional facilities.

Therefore, it is prudent to enquire about the types of policies you are eligible to receive before applying for a Visa. You may enquire about the admissible medical policies at the embassies. The majority of the embassies accept a basic medical plan for Visa approval; however, some embassies may require a complex plan that offers extra benefits for Visa approval.

  1. A basic health plan may cover your hospital expenses. However, it may not cover the expenses of primary or follow-up doctors’ appointments. You may receive this coverage through a first-class plan.
  2. The basic plans may compel you to seek treatment from specific doctors and/or hospitals. However, a premium plan gives you liberty to seek treatment from any doctor at any hospital.

Hence, some embassies ask the foreign citizens to purchase a premium-quality medical policy before approving Visas. The foreigners may even apply for expat plans for the Visa approval.

The amount of ‘premium’ for any private medical policy depends upon the type of available facilities. You are guaranteed to enjoy more facilities at the expense of larger ‘premium’ amounts. The extent of these facilities may extend beyond the borders and a golden policy may let you enjoy the benefits in other European countries along with this country.

Therefore, it is an essential factor to check before you purchase a private medical policy. The students even receive exclusive offers/deductions when purchasing health insurance plans in Czech Republicwhich makes it easier for a student to apply for a Visa without worrying about their parents’ financial burdens or their health while living in this country.

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