How to Promote for Back to School Shopping

Posted by Chris on March 7th, 2018

Seeing the new semester is approaching, it’s time for various mobile phones and accessories manufacturers to compete for the student market, especially freshman market. For Apple, the immediate focus is to culture freshman into a new fan of Apple brand. So the corresponding promotions also began. Apple's new season Back to School event officially opened on 8 August, the event is limited to Apple online education store, buyers who purchase eligible Mac or iPad Pro can be free access to Beats headphones. This article by Cell Phone Age com provides you with tips for back to school marketing, so that you can strategically promote your products at the end of the summer and early fall.

Find out what shoppers are looking for on back to school season products

Freshman is beginning to really contact with the outside world, but also ushers in their own dominance of consumer spending, and the critical period to form their own consumer and brand awareness. In this period fixed brand consumption habits will have a profound impact on the future. With the increase in shopping flow, Cell Phone Age com encourages each retailer to increase marketing campaigns on back to school season products. And some of your products may also fall just within range of the new school shopping season products. In addition, when consumers see news of promotions, they tend to have additional shopping needs.

The best-selling products include: clothing and accessories; computer and consumer electronics; shoes; school supplies books, music and video; toys and hobbies related products; sporting goods.

Determine the target customers

During season of back to school the largest shopping group is parents. They are the ideal audience for manufactures which are producing and selling back to school goods, because parents have a stronger purchasing power. This also means that even if manufactures that have no sales of the best-selling back to school products may also benefit from the purchase of promotional products by parents. Another key audience group is college students. They have some purchasing ability and are more likely to shop for themselves or at least to study the products they want. If your shop is popular with college students, it is worthwhile to focus on back to school season sales. Also, do not forget school and teacher, they also need school supplies, storage and computer related products.

Create back to school season theme content

With the bombing of all kinds of advertising, more and more consumers have a sense of back to school shopping, so the seller can take advantage of this. Create some content related to the theme of new school season, which can be a shopping guide, a list of popular return to school season products, and even a detailed review of a single product. The contents of Cell Phone Age com are a great example. It created a student shopping list, including mobile phone, accessories such as phone case and charging cables, Bluetooth wireless speaker and phone stands. It for shoppers provides a good starting point for shopping, but also inspires students who original may not have the desire to shop for purchasing.

Create a product collection page

There are several reasons. First of all, you need to create a product collection page dedicated to attract back to school season shoppers. At the same time the page is the place where visitors open their shopping. You can limit the scope of choices to consumers, so that they make faster decision. Second, you may need these pages when you run Facebook ads, PPC ads, or promotions to encourage shoppers to "shop now". For owner of online stores you can consider creating a shopping guide, a set of products, and even a sales area dedicated to sales of back to school season products. In any case, you’d better to create a theme product collection page with a simple description to promote Q3 product sales.

Run Facebook ads

If paid advertising is part of your marketing strategy, then Facebook ads will have very important impact on sales of new school shopping season. There are several reasons. First of all, Facebook has become an excellent platform for businesses to reach all kinds of shoppers. Second, Facebook audience positioning is very powerful, the seller can use a few extensive parameters to reach the majority of the audience to promote the product, or release several ads that cost small but closely related to the audience.

Provide discounts and free shipping

During the busy shopping season, the competition between retailers is intense and the back to school season is no exception. Now savvy shoppers are looking for the most favorable deals, and they also know how to find them. Whether it is a comparison price, or tracking promotional code, shoppers are looking for ways to save money. The best way to get consumers to your site and buy them is to offer promotions. Offering discounts caters to those price-sensitive shoppers and turns them into buyers. In addition, the freight is a common reason why consumers give up shopping carts. Simply providing an unpaid delivery will let the consumer choose you instead of a competitor. Such as Cell Phone Age com, it not only offers free shipping service, but also owns overseas warehouses which allow shoppers get their order as soon as possible by local express delivery.

In general, the promotion strategies of back to school sale mainly includes: understand who is most likely to buy products, and then for them to create marketing strategies; use incentives to promote sales; and with the establishment of e-mail Subscriptions to send introduce newest season-related products to customers; at the critical moment when consumers access to the site, by satisfying the unit need of shoppers to reduce bounce rate from shopping carts.

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