Coil Cap Does Not Let Waxy Oils Leaked

Posted by andrew on March 7th, 2018

Evolve plus Coil cap plays a major role to keep waxy oils from leaking out of the pen. Moreover, this is also helpful in order to keep the mouthpiece from getting hot. It has been designed in a very sophisticated way and you will love using this. These coils are having great medical grade in respect of preserving lovely flavors and aromas of the used wax concentration.

The fact cannot be ignored that this coil is completely revolutionary. The multi-layered design is also high in demand since it comes up with utmost efficiency as well as speed. The first layer is used to melt the wax while the second one goes for vaporizing it.

If This Device Is Similar To Electronic Cigarette?

The unique two-step vaporization process which plays a major role to ensure wax is vaporized without having no combustion. A magnetically attached coil cap plays a major role to prevent oil from leaking. This is quite easy to remove, load and clean. You will be able to do on your own without coming across any hassles. It is made up using the best ingredients.

dual coil wax atomizer

The fact cannot be ignored that a Yocan Hive pen is pretty much similar to an electronic cigarette in nature. You may be curious to know that how a wax pen actually does work. Actually, the oils/wax placed upon and oil is needed to liquid enough while was needs to thin enough. Once they are placed, they will be heated to appropriate temperature without combusting.

How This Device Actually Works?

Would not you love to know that what exactly happens inside a wax pen? Actually, there is a metal inside the atomizer. It is pretty much similar to glass fiber/cotton wick system to the one inside of an electronic cigarette. Now, what happens to the liquid or wax which has been placed? Actually, the wax or oil is heart enough until it meltdown on the wicking tend to absorb the product. And when the wick gets oozed properly, it heats the material in order to create a pure vapor which can be inhaled easily.

This device holds so many Yocan Parts and if you wish to know more about them then you may head to the renowned portal to accumulate more information about it. We suggest you to use the loading tool in order to safely place your wax directly to the heating coils to stay away from any mess. Make sure that you are not going to touch the coils with the metal tool since it may lead to any damage. To turn on the device, you need to click on the power button. And you are all set to enjoy your vapor.

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