Transformer oil processing

Posted by John Doo on March 8th, 2018

Ways of cleaning transformer oil

To carry out qualitative cleaning, a certain set of different methods is usually used. Their sequence has the following form:

mechanical methods (filtration, centrifugation, sedimentation): removal of free water and solid contaminants;

thermophysical methods (evaporation, vacuum distillation);

physicochemical methods (coagulation, adsorption);

chemical methods in the event that it was not possible to achieve the proper degree of purification using previous approaches.


What is the danger of waste oil?


Most often, waste oil refers to highly hazardous or moderately hazardous waste.


In general, working off is even more toxic than crude oil, because, in addition to the oil base, it includes purchased in the course of operation resins, carbenes, additives, polyolefins, mechanical impurities and other contaminants.


The negative impact of waste oil on the environment is expressed in the contamination of water resources and soil, as well as carcinogenic and mutagenic effects. For example, when draining in a pond, one liter of used oil can contaminate up to one million liters of water.


To remove droplets and dispersed water, centrifugation and filtration are recommended. If dissolution occurred molecular water in transformer oil, the used methods such as vacuuming or adsorption.

Adsorption method comprises petroleum purification by solid porous bodies (adsorbents) and is quite effective. The proper degree of purification is achieved by delaying impurities on the surface and in the internal pores of the adsorbent.

There are three types of adsorption purification:



Countercurrent method.

The percolation method involves filtering the waste oil through a bed of sorbent (for example, silica gel).

Contact adsorption treatment - a Transformer oil processing due to contact with the powdered adsorbent at a temperature of 70-75 ° C. After completion of the process, the adsorbent is separated from the oil on the filter press. The main disadvantages of contact cleaning include the need to recycle a large amount of adsorbent, which pollutes the environment.

To implement the countercurrent method, conditions are created in which oil and adsorbent move towards each other.

An important role in the adsorption purification of transformer oil is played by the type of solid porous bodies. In practice used: silica, alumina, aluminosilicate compounds, clays and synthetic zeolites.

Effective and economical oil purifier from GlobeCore

The most efficient and economical in terms of duration is the cleaning of transformer oil in one pass. After processing in the oil purifier type SMM trade mark GlobeCore oil is fed into a clean container. GlobeCore technologies can significantly increase the breakdown voltage of the processed product. If oil cleaning in one pass is impossible for some reason, then the circulating method is used. At the same time, the oil from the CMM plant is returned to the original tank. In this case, the magnitude of the breakdown voltage depends not on the performance of the oil purifier, as in the first case, but on the multiplicity of the entire oil flow through the cleaning line.

Using the oil cleaner SMM allows:

    reduce the water content of the oil;

    reduce acidity;

    remove mechanical impurities;

    increase the breakdown voltage.

    GlobeCore is the second life of transformer oil!


Recovery in places of use. This approach is usually used by factories or other large enterprises that produce a large amount of waste oil. The filtration system is used to remove harmful impurities directly at the site of operation. With timely cleaning it is possible to extend the life of the oils.


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