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Posted by Chris on March 9th, 2018

 Seal ability of mobile phone waterproof bag is very good so that you can be assured to take a mobile phone when swimming and diving. And across the waterproof bag touchscreen is very sensitive. When playing on the beach or swimming and diving carrying a cell phone is a troublesome thing, but with this magic mobile phone partner, you can put the phone into the waterproof bag to take it anywhere you go. Meanwhile in water you can take pictures and videos without worrying about water damage to phone, that’s really very practical.

This phone waterproof bag is designed in ergonomic theory, so whether it is touch feel or grip both are very comfortable, translucent rate is also very high. In water with it you can also be free to play the phone. Mobile phone waterproof bag capacity is relatively large, can be suitable for a variety of sizes of mobile phone brands. The waterproof performance is very good, you can reach up to 20 meters below water surface, and it is especially suitable for diving.

Mobile phone waterproof bag is equipped with a double insurance safe waterproof lock, waterproof ability is excellent compared to normal ones. When playing or swimming in water you do not have to worry about mobile phone waterproof bag will be disengaged. Waterproof bag screen design is relatively wide that can cover the entire vision of the mobile phone display screen. With it you can also be easy to take photos and record videos.

With features of intelligent lighting and waterproof even if in seabed you can also be easy to operate and anytime, anywhere to observe the status of the phone, light bar can prevent the phone from losing. Mobile phone waterproof bag capacity is relatively large, you can place a lot of small debris, and the use of shoulder bag design is portable and also particularly convenient. Mobile phone waterproof bag to carry is special convenience. You can use hanging neck or tied to the arm these two ways, very flexible and free, waterproof is also very tight.

Mobile phone plays a very important role in our daily life. In case accidentally phone drops off water, it must be the result of tragedy. This lesson tells you buy a mobile phone protective weapon waterproof bag. Waterproof phone bags with a unique vacuum design, close to the phone touch screen, is not only waterproof, but also easy to underwater camera.

It is said that now when go to island tour mobile phone waterproof cover is essential. Such a small bag, the price is not expensive, but known as within 10 meters under level, it is 100% does not leak. So even underwater you can also normal play your phone easily. However this mobile phone equipment is really waterproof? Take you to understand the truth of the phone waterproof bag.

After doing some tests on different brands, it proves that not every phone waterproof bag can reach the magical effect of waterproof and moisture-resistant promoted by commercial advertisement. According to the experimental results, those waterproof bags with lots of sealing stripes and thick texture will be better performance on protecting phone from water. But if the water soaks for too long time or too large is the water pressure, even the best waterproof sets can’t prevent water into phone. So it is best to avoid using the phone in water for too long. And if it is in the surrounding water environment, the use of mobile phone waterproof cover, for safety reasons, before use, you’d better do a waterproof test, check the seal of the waterproof bag to see whether there is damage around.

A sales of mobile phone waterproof bag dealer told reporters, as an external waterproof equipment, mobile phone waterproof bag waterproof effect can only be considered general. "Consumers in the purchase of the best choice to seal more, thick texture of the waterproof bag, the effect will be better, but even so, if the water soak for too long, or water pressure is large, it is easy to water The situation, so it is best not to use the phone in the water. "Finally, he reminded the public to do before the waterproof test, and check the waterproof bag is damaged, especially the seal and around. After use, to check the four corners and sealing do not continue to use at high temperatures. When used in water, if you need to remove the phone, to seal down.

Reporters learned that July and August is usually the peak sales of mobile phone waterproof bags, although after the beginning of autumn the sales of waterproof bags have been reduced, but the overall sales situation is still good. In a well-known shopping site, the reporter entered the "mobile phone waterproof bag" for search, the result is nearly 5,000 pieces of items on sale, and the price is low as 5 USD. Reporters found that each shop has claimed that their products can be 100% waterproof, and some businesses are playing "water depth of 10 meters or less" such conditions. In addition to waterproof, there are businesses claim that their own waterproof bags with a bag touch screen operation, underwater camera and other functions. On Cell Phone Age com the monthly sales of waterproof bags is over 1000 pieces.

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