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Posted by Rsorder on March 8th, 2018

The New Challenge Theatre of Blood has arrival. As a big challenge in Old School Runescape, Details of the Theatre of Blood and 80% off runescape gold 2007 is shown in Dev Blog. Here is the information of it.The Theatre of Blood is a linear process raid challenge, located in the Sanguinesti area of ??eastern Meyeti?, emphasizing the need for teamwork. The Theater can be billed via a vessel north of Port Phasmatys, or you can take a walk there, but this is a rather long journey, not our recommendation.

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There is no skill involved in the theater, and every time you enter, all rooms are created in the same order. You will have several opportunities throughout the raid to get a small amount of booty and supplies, but your success will depend very much on the equipment and supplies you carry and your ability to work together as a team.

The maximum number of groups allowed to enter the theater is 5, and the number of groups for 3-5 people is balanced. Having multiple challenging rooms that contain hard-to-beat monsters, bosses and puzzles ultimately leads to the ultimate epic boss challenge, just as RuneScape in the old school has never seen before.

Blood battlefield will have a unique wiping system. Dying in a challenge room means that as a person, you have to sit in the rest of that room as your team continues. Once the room is complete, you will be able to rejoin your team for other searches. If a "complete wipe" occurs, such as the entire team dies, RAID fails completely and you must restart from scratch. A failed raid is not considered safe, and any lost item goes into a gravestone system just like Torfinn's, and it takes a bit of money to recover it. Although challenging a single indoor death does not end the attack, any death in the Theatre of Blood will lead to hardcore champions who have lost their place and will turn them back into ordinary human beings.

The death toll reduces the player's chance of getting the sole rewards and rewards only after they have killed the raid's last boss. All other bosses throughout the raid will provide a small bonus to compensate for your time, but there will be no unique opportunity.

What's the Rewards of Theatre of Blood?

There are some good rewards in the OSRS in the Bloodshed, including Blood Vials and New Potions, Infernal Defender, Trial Prayer Reels, Vampyrium Vambraces (Requires Ranger Gloves OSRS Repair), and more. In addition to potions and prayer of judgment, all rewards can be tested in the world of championships and all members will be on the March 8th.

In addition, there have been some opinion polls on OSRS development blogs asking questions about the battlegrounds and their rewards. You can talk about your ideas and what rewards should be potential rewards for the last boss of the Theatre of Blood.At last, don't forget to enjoy cheap OSRS Gold on Rsorder.

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