Discipline, Order, Flow: Table Tennis is A Game of Passion and Profession

Posted by marryvoges on March 9th, 2018

When they say, play it like you ought to, let yourself go, and accept the success with open arms and laugh in your heart.
True for the most part, however, if you have looked closely enough then you’ll know that the more important thing is silent celebration and having that sparkle of tears in your eyes, instead of the thumping celebration of victory.

As mentioned in our ancient texts, the complete ones are those who take success and failure in exactly the same way.
The novices celebrate every victory like its their first, but the ones who happen to have fought several battles before that, they come as one, they know the feeling, they know the sweet taste of victory, they know how much hardship has been vent into earning that medal.

When you know it all, you understand that you have to channel your energy into the right direction. Irrespective of its type, be it frustration, positivity, or the code and ethics of the game.
The only loopholes that you’ll ever find are the recreation measures, other than that you have to be a complete profession in and out of the court.
Rest assured, that is bound to happen, the sooner, the better.

The feeling of winning or losing has to be taught to kids, and most professional suggests the sports that allow you to create perfect amalgamation of aggression and subtleness, namely, football, table tennis, cricket, etc.
One of them is table tennis.
Let’s talk about it in the figurative sense.

You have been given a table, now you have to constraint your thoughts, passion, ideology within those lines that are painted more on your brain than the outside architecture that is visible to the naked eyes.
Calculative moves, aggressive strokes, and subtle drops are the glitz and glamour of this game, without them at helm, the crowd won’t ever go berserk for you or your competitor.

There are times when people come out to support a team or an individual, but at the end, their shift becomes more directed towards who’s playing more spirited game.
Well, that my friend is the sheer power of game, which can change ideologies, people and earn their respect for the attention that the respective person is putting in.

The sweating identity becomes your truest one, the unrest becomes your calming abode, the scoreboard drives you crazy, but you mustn’t let go that easy.
“Fight for the victory, fight with the spirit and the game will love you back”.
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