Re-evaluating Plus Size Swimwear Through a Blogger's Eyes

Posted by Annette S. Bearden on March 9th, 2018

With way social media is today, anyone who sees themselves them as a plus size person may have a hard time when it comes to being fully comfortable with their body. This is because almost all of the social media networks we have now are constantly bombarding users with photos of thin-bodied models in bathing suits. It has reached a point where you cannot scroll through your Facebook or IG wall without seeing a photo of a thin-bodied model, particularly in a bathing suit if the weather allows. As a result, this has made plus-sized individuals, and especially ladies feel as though they don’t belong. 

The effects of this strict adoration of small-bodied women has even reached young girls, who today feel that having a small body is the only way boys will like them or that it is the key to happiness. In certain extreme cases, women have gone as far taking pills that can make thin or going on ridiculous hunger diets in order to achieve most people’s narrow view of what beauty is. This is why people like Gabi Gregg have become an inspiration to plus-size women. This full-figured black model has managed to show the world in her own unique way that everyone is beautiful and superb in their own special way. 

For those who don’t know who are unfamiliar with Gabi Gregg is, better known as Gabi Fresh, she is a blogger and a full-figured woman of color who has managed to gain grasp on the plus-size fashion industry. Aside from her posts going viral and making her well-known celebrity, Gregg has managed to successfully launch Premme, a quality clothing line comprising of her special works, including plus size swimwear. 

One of the things that propelled Greggs blog into the limelight was her 2012 article that talked about finding the right kind of plus size swimwear for your body. It reiterated to plus size women everywhere that they shouldn’t be ashamed of their bodies, but rather embrace who they were. It stated that doing so would give them a freeing feeling that most plus size women have never had before, especially when out on the beach or around the hotel swimming pool. 

With such positive views and thoughts, it came as no surprise to most of her friends when Gregg secured five partnership agreements with Swimsuits for All. However, she stated that when the company approached her, she was surprised but at the same time grateful for being offered such a big opportunity. 

After a lingerie deal with Playful Promises, an Ava Viv partnership with Target, and a host of other fashion ventures, Gregg still holds on strongly to her personal beliefs and attitudes when it comes to plus size women. In fact, she states that it was these principles that helped her when she first started working on her clothing and plus size swimwear line, Premme. One of the main aims of her company today, which she started with her friend and co-plus size model Nicollette Mason, is to represent the true essence of all its clients on its website and various social medial platforms. The two women believe in showcasing the true beauty of plus size women that most people don’t see and often fail to appreciate, preferring to stay within the narrow lines propagated by some members of the society. Their company also works with models starting from size 16 all the way to size 30. 

Through Premme and their website, Gregg has managed to bring a high level of positivity in the fashion world when it comes to plus size women and plus size swimwear. Through her photos and ideas, more and more plus size women are today embracing the true nature of their bodies and are feeling proud for doing so. 

Currently, Gregg is still expanding her influence to thousands of people everywhere, with one clear sign of this being her almost 600,000 followers, together with more than 59,000 on Twitter. However, Gregg is also quick to remind other plus size women struggling with acceptance issues that she also faces the same challenges despite her huge success, so no plus size woman should feel that they are the only one undergoing such pressures.

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