What All Equipments Are Offered By Fire Protection Companies?

Posted by Peter Simmons on March 10th, 2018

Do you know that fire that you might come across has classifying classes? Yes, it is classified on the basis of explosive material that is present inside the fire. Fire explosion is nothing but a chemical reaction that takes place between the explosive substance and oxygen which releases heat, light, flames and smoke. You can find fire in places where there is enough of oxygen, heat and a combustible substance.

Fire Protection Companies In UAE can extinguish fire if you can remove or separate all these three factors. All the fire extinguishers are bases on this separation or removing principle to control fire. It can result in huge loss of assets and people if fire is not been controlled. One can handle this highly dangerous situation of large fire outbreak with the help of refill fire extinguisher until the situation comes under the control of a professional fire help servicers. These fire extinguish devices are made with different extinguishing agents for all different fire classes. All these types of different classified categories of fire extinguishers based on different extinguishing agents are as follows:

Water and foam: This kind of extinguisher is used for removing oxygen that is required to stop the fire of class A. The reason behind removing oxygen is to remove the heating factor from the fire. These extinguishers must not be used for flammable liquids that cause class B and class C fire classes.

Carbon dioxide: Liquid and electrical fire explosions are controlled with the help of these extinguishers which comprises highly pressurized carbon dioxide. These extinguishers are not made for outdoor and class A fires. Places which have electronic equipment and places which contain many varieties of flammable liquids like garages use this extinguisher. You can also choose ansul fire suppression system for sale.

Chemicals: These chemical based extinguishers are has got the maximum possible versatility when compared to all other fire extinguishers. These can be used in all wide classes of fires namely class A, class B and class C fires. These extinguishers which have got corrosive properties are made with different extinguishing agents and are available in two varieties which are called as BC and ABC.

While planning for safety and installation process of extinguisher against fire, you need to take the guidance of fire extinguish service firms and also assistance in choosing right place for placing them as per the requirement. You can get trained on the right procedures that should be followed in case of emergency. You need to maintain the fire extinguishers in appropriate working condition by filling them timely. You can control fire explosions easily only when you use the correct fire extinguisher. All these extinguishers are used for safety purpose in residential premises and also in commercial locations. Placement is another important factor when it comes to fire extinguisher as this is very essential for right use in case of an emergency. Commercial fire extinguishers must be in place.

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