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Palliative and hospice care are essential for terminally ill patients and old persons who have less than six months to live. At this time the patients are weak and have many complicated symptoms.  The common terminal diseases that are affecting a considerable population in the world include HIV/AIDS, cancer, stroke, renal and heart failure, dementia and advanced neurological diseases. These diseases need particular medications to bring symptoms and pain under control. In Los Angeles and surrounding areas, there is only one registered andexperienced agency; HospiceValley that helps terminally ill patients and aged people with proper care services. Below is a discussion of our services and why everybody is talking about HospiceValley.

Therapies and emotional support


Terminally ill patients need therapies and emotional support. They need professional counselors to guide and strengthen them emotionally. HospiceValley has the best spiritual leaders and counselors to provide comfort to the patients and enable them to face each day with hope and courage. On top of that, we have come with the best therapists who are ready to offer therapy services to all terminally ill patients. Speech, massage, occupational and physical are the main therapies that we offer to our clients.


Pain management and symptoms control


Terminal diseases are incurable. They leave patients in pain and come with complicated symptoms. It is, therefore, necessary to treat the symptoms as they come and manage the pain. HospiceValley has come to assist all these patients with pain. We have the best doctors in the medical industry who are experienced in helping patients with terminal illnesses. They come with effective medicines that fight the pain and bring all the symptoms under control. We know that you want us to come to your home to serve you or your relative. That is not a problem as we offer at home medical services that help the patients to live comfortable lives as they wait for the final day.

To make our work easier, we have invested in equipment, tools, and medicine that most patients require. Everything that doctors need to offer pain and symptoms control services is made available at all times. The doctors also attend serious training and seminars that involve the treatment or management of the deadly diseases. HospiceValley provides medical services 24/7. Anytime you need our doctors just call us, and we will send them right to your doorstep.

Provide top class care services


If there is something that has made us a successful and a big agency is offering top quality care services. HospiceValley comes with trained volunteers, caregivers, and home health aides to assist the patients. We want our clients to live quality lives. With our caregivers, the patients get company and comfort. Our team of caregivers works closely with other members of the staff to make sure that patients receive the care they deserve.



HospiceValley is the place where people with few months to live get experts to take care of them. Our team includes doctors, nurses, counselors, caregivers, therapists, dietitians and home health aides. We work as a team, and that has enabled us to help many patients and families in the area. Therefore, hire HospiceValley, and you will be pleased with our palliative and hospice care services.

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