Invest In The Best Mutual Funds For SIP Long Term

Posted by jigneshshah on March 12th, 2018

Investing in mutual funds can be done through Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). There are many mutual funds and you should invest in the right funds to reach your goals. Investing in mutual funds through SIP has many benefits. Investing for long term through SIP can have a significant effect on wealth creation.

You can invest in mutual funds through Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). It is a simple and a disciplined way to invest. SIP allows you to invest fixed amount of money regularly in mutual funds. You can invest quarterly or monthly.

If have a financial goal of owning a house or kids education or kids wedding or retirement then you need to invest. If you want to reach your goals then you should invest in the best mutual fund for sip long term. You should invest the right amount to reach your goals.

Kotak Mutual Funds offers various funds for SIP investments. There is a minimum amount for SIP and a minimum number of installments required.

Benefits of SIP

There are many benefits of investing through SIP. They are:

When you invest a fixed amount regularly you do not have to time the market.

Due to regular investments of fixed amount the long term investments are not affected by market fluctuations.

As you invest regularly a fixed amount you can buy more units when the market is low and less when the market is high. This brings down the average cost of acquisition of units.

Regular fixed amount of investments over a period of time can become wealth creating investments. It is a better option than keeping the money idle in the bank.

How to find the best mutual fund for sip long term?

Before you invest you should identify your goals. Once your goal is clear you have to decide how much to invest for and how long. You can select the best performing funds that suit you needs and help you reach your goal. You should calculate and invest the right amount to reach your goals rather than any surplus amount.

There are many tools and calculators available which can help you calculate the right amount you reach at the end of the investment period. You can find the amount you reach with a particular SIP amount. You can use the calculator to find the right SIP amount you need to invest to reach your goal.

If you are investing for long term then equity is a good option. Kotak Mutual Funds allow sip investments for long term. You can begin your SIP as low as Rs. 500. It offers financial advisors to help you select the right funds.

The author likes to blog on the various topics about investment in mutual funds. He has discussed here how to select the best mutual funds for sip long term.


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