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Essay Typer: The pros and cons of technology mania

Posted by graham on March 12th, 2018

Like any typical teenager of her generation, Sherry Ann Tomboc spends several hours a day surfing the internet. Unlike most adolescents, she uses the internet responsibly as a source of information to do her homework and research. Internet time for her was meant to further her studies and explore a lot of interests without going out.

For most students of high school and college, they credit most of their academic successes to the internet because it has facilitated them with access to valuable information like essay generator tool. For Rudolf Isaac Ondes , the internet has helped him plan his feasibility study in Automotive Engineering. It primarily jump-started his career by allowing him to acquire such important skills as the mechanics of troubleshooting, cost effectiveness and analysis. Moreover, as he envisions his college journey to unfold, he definitely was able to build a network of car aficionados who happened to have the same passion as he has and who will help him put up a car shop business after his graduation.

Yet while Sherry Ann and Rudolf were both sure of the future ahead of them, there are other members of their batch who became not quite sure of what to do and so found themselves lagging behind . Though these people for one came determined to overcome any obstacles that will hinder their progress, they succumbed to the extremely challenging pressures of academic life and fall prey to the dangers of overusing the internet. Sherry Ann’s friends got hooked on video chatting, cyber sexting and nude posing for some of their new found chat mates. Rudolf’s friends likewise were lured to meet homosexuals who befriended and welcomed them to their homes in exchange for pleasure and money. Secondly, over use of the internet, mobile telephones, Ipads and Ipods etc. encouraged students to be over dependent resorting to academic cheating and plagiarism. These daily encounters allow the change and shock to cause them to lose sight of their goal, that is finish their collegiate courses through the use of internet as a tool to supplement their learning.

With resources from the internet such as websites, blogs, and forums, people have been e- learning on their own on many aspects of business, and all about different cultures and civilizations that help the growth of society yet, not too many are happy about its development.

Two years ago, elementary student Miriam Bobadilla encountered a video related to the Japanese culture. Watching this video on the Internet led her to research more about their fascinating culture and ever since she has been captivated by the beauty and depth of the culture. Learning so much about Japan through the Internet has inspired her to learn Japanese in hopes of visiting the country someday.

The Internet has greatly helped society overcome challenges and become more tolerable of other cultures. And as students of incoming freshman in college this fall, technology will be present in many aspects of their daily life. Thus, they are certain that the Internet and Internet technology will still continue to be reliable tools for their career in this field and even outside of their field because the world is becoming increasingly dependent in technological advances, which many hope to create and not destroy subsequently.

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