Bought a new boiler, we tell you some hidden truth about Boiler Installation NJ

Posted by T-Mont Plumbing and Heating on March 13th, 2018

There are various forms of boiler replacement options and thus, we describe you some types of installation and associated hidden truth.

The installation of the domestic boiler is traditional style (smooth and without protuberances) or wall-mounted (as in most of the recent boilers) of a fuel appliance that allows the heating of an environment because it is connected to one or more hydro circuits, to a water system or to a gas plant.

The plumbing services can establish the proper power and capacity (water flow) for the type of environment that the boiler installed must serve.

Condensing boilers are among the most innovative heating systems in recent years because they have completely changed the heating sector because, by recovering the exhaust fumes to heat the water, they allow a very high bill savings.

The savings are assured, the size of the boiler compared to the traditional ones remains unchanged, but, in spite of this, the Boiler Installation NJ persist and the culprit, in our opinion, remains the little information we have about this technology.

1. It is suitable for any type of home.

Yes, condensing boilers can be installed in any home, what can vary is the power of the boiler, which obviously must be powerful enough to heat the entire surface of the house. Who a priori says that this type of boiler is not suitable for your home probably does not try to suggest the best proposal, because the only type of boiler to reach the energy class A is precisely that condensation.

2. Ideal for those with radiator or floor systems.

The condensing boiler for heating water has much lower consumption than a traditional one, which is why it is suitable for those who need to heat the home with a radiator system. The maximum yield is given by the combination of the condensing boiler and the floor heating system because the emission water is around 30 ° C. Even if the radiators require a delivery temperature of 55 ° - 60 ° C, a quality condensing boiler has however much higher yields than a conventional boiler.

3. The price of the condensing boiler is proportional to its yield.

A conventional boiler costs less, but its yield and the savings generated, even if last generation, are significantly lower compared to a condensing boiler, which allows you to save up to 30% on your bill. If it is true that the initial investment is slightly greater for the purchase of condensation models, those who decide to replace an old boiler with a condensation can take advantage of the tax deductions at 65% so as to pay less than half the installation.

4. A channel, such as the air conditioner, is sufficient to drain the condensate.

The condensate discharge pipe (with a diameter of 5 mm) can be inserted in the normal conduits inside the houses. The Boiler Repair NJ can easily be done with non-invasive kits, which are integrated into the boiler and, thanks to a small pump, the pipe can reach discharge ducts at many meters of distance and height difference.


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