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The Edge of Master Franchisee to the Franchisees

Posted by ifranchiselaw on March 13th, 2018

Meeting personally with the owner of a big business brand to purchase its franchisee is almost impossible. But, contacting one of its master franchisees is extremely easy and because of this reason, many leading business brands use the concept of Master franchisees in their business to extend their business functional area.

Master Franchisee- A concept
Master franchisees buy the brand territorial rights for one or more locations, regions or states. After owning the franchise rights, the master franchisee can then allow franchisees including European franchisees to work in the area. It can be best said that master franchisee works as a mediator for the franchisor and franchisees.

With the master franchisees concept, the task of business expansion becomes possible with great ease. It is nearly impossible for a franchisor to understand the franchise laws, the geography, the functionalities, the demography and other variations between the different regions of the country. When franchisor gives the rights to the European Master Franchisees, it is actually transferring all such tasks to them to handle them. The motive of doing this for the franchisor is to focus on other important aspects of the business.    It can be termed as master franchisees are like franchisee to the franchisor but sub-franchisor for the sub-franchisees.

In this article, we are going to deal with the topic of the advantages of a Master franchisee in accordance with the franchisee's point of view.

1. Highly convenient to contact
Undoubtedly, European Master Franchisees are the front face of the brand in their assigned territory. When franchisees need any type of help related to the brand operation, they can easily contact the Master franchisees of the business instead of traveling a long distance to meet the franchisor.

2. Promotional activities
European Master Franchisees know their working territory very well. Being a resident of that place, they understand very well how the people function and what the thought process of the local government is. Because of this understanding, Master franchisees can offer the best help to the franchisees in the area to present themselves with better promotional ideas just to attract more customers to the business.

3. Safe-house for stocks and products
All the stocks and products are safely stored with master franchisees. According to their business requirement, franchisees can easily ask the European master franchisees to provide the stored items. This helps the franchisees in reducing the stress of over-stocking the products.

4. Training Facilities
Master franchisee flourishes only when the franchisees are doing well in their business. In order to ensure the growth of its franchisees, master franchisee offers training and guidance to them from time to time.

5. Intermediary
Master franchisee works as an intermediary between the franchisees and franchisor. It transfers the feedback or even the issues of the franchisees to the franchisor and finds a suitable response to the franchisees' queries.

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