4 Driving Etiquettes Every Driver on the Road Should Follow

Posted by Ron William on March 13th, 2018

When it comes to road accidents, it is always not the fault of the driver, and often issues from the other end, results in damaging both the vehicles. Despite numerous awareness drives of not driving when intoxicated, avoiding loud music, not being distracted, etc., there are several who find rash driving to be a cool thing to do.

When being a part of driving schools in Pakenham, students are taught about driving etiquettes and how it necessary for everyone on the road to co-operate with each other with a sole motive of being safe and secured. Almost all instructors from driving schools are known to come up with the same set of road etiquettes which allows you to be safe on the road.

Be respectful towards other drivers on the road

Think of the times when you were an amateur and were scared to be on the road with a car all by yourself. It could be the same with the driver in front of you or probably on the sides. You never know what the other driver goes through when on the road and therefore there is the need to be respectful while you are driving. Being short tempered or probably yelling swear words doesn’t help in any way.

Be aware of all that is happening around you

You have mirrors to help you scan the road well where you can look to the sides and the cars behind you. You are also to keep your eyes affixed to the front where you can gauge the road ahead and take necessary steps if at all you sense problems coming your way. It is not just aware of the lane you are on but also the lane on the other side. You never know when someone would barge in your way and that is why there is the need to avoid distractions and be aware of all that is happening around you. 

Do not be selfish

There are those mean young adults on the road who feel that they own the road and intend to keep the road to themselves with no particular path to follow. That isn’t maturity in any way, and so you are to ensure that you do not be the same. The road is meant for all and sharing it well makes you a good and accomplished driver. Instructors providing cheap driving lessons in Narre Warren agree that letting people overtake or probably be slow with their car makes you someone who is responsible and ready to drive with ease.

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Be someone who can make a difference

When it comes to following the phrase ‘Charity begins at home’, the same applies to being responsible on the road. If each one of us pledges to follow road rules and be safe while driving there can be a difference made. There will be lesser accidents and driving on the road can be a lot safer given the fact that everyone around is responsible while driving. You get to make an impact on your friends who are with you in the car as well as your siblings who intend to learn driving someday when they grow up.

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