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Posted by Larry Taggart on March 13th, 2018

While dogs continue to be the favourite pets of humans, the number of cat owners has seen a significant rise in the last few years. Australia, which has more than 60% households with pets (among the highest in the world) has, for that matter, more cat owners than dog owners. With products like cat litter crystals and cat scratching post, it is not difficult to understand why it is so.

People love cats because they are cuddly and full of action. Cats also have that feline thing about them that humans find irresistible and this could be a reason why the number of cat owners in Australia has seen an upward trend over the years. As a cat owner, there are many ways for you to keep it happy and engaged, which, in turn, will keep you happy and engaged too.

Any cat owner considers the litter as an indispensable part of keeping their cat at home. Without a proper litter, a cat is bound to dirty a home and make it malodorous – not something one looks forward to even if they are terribly fond of their pet cat. Cats belong to the feline species and can be quite smelly if not properly tended to.

Cat ownership became slightly easier when the clay and paper litters were introduced in the market. However, the introduction of cat litter crystals significantly increased the number of cat owners. So much so that now there are more Australian homes with cats than dogs. Crystal litters have some specific benefits that conveniences all cat owners. Made of silica, these litters are able to absorb moisture and odour better and this means a cleaner and smell-free home. These litters also have low tracking and this means no footprints inside the home. Crystal litters also last longer and don’t need change frequently.

A cat scratching post is used to keep your cat engaged. Cats are, by nature, restless and playful. Thus, it is important that you are able to afford them toys that keep them busy for long hours. A scratching post is something any cat enjoys playing with. There are times when you are busy doing something and don’t have to tend to your pet and this is when the scratching post can prove to more than useful.

When you have a scratching post for your cat at home, they tend to climb up the post and play. Some of these posts also have sisal ropes that your cat can use to climb. To ensure that your pet falls in love with the post, you can even spray catnip on it – this is a sure-shot way to keep your cat tied to the post (pun intended) for hours.

To shop for crystal litters and scratching posts, it is important for you to compare so that you are able to compare the products and their prices. Shopping online affords you the best available choices at the best available prices. The best products are designed to keep your cat happy.

Keep your home clean and without smell with cat litter crystals. Also keep your pet engaged with a cat scratching post.

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