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Posted by Larry Taggart on March 13th, 2018

The internet speeds have gone up rapidly over the years and businesses are now looking for branding, packaging and instantly distributing content. DoDots is a technology that helps with this. Under the able leadership of DoDots Tony Medrano, the internet startup that was founded in 1999 has received a massive investment boost that now allows it to service its clients better and in a shorter time span.

For many years now, DoDots has been working to develop a technology for the mobile space. It has partnered with 2Roam to extend is present capabilities. The partnership with 2Roam allows the clients of the organization to deploy their existing content on mobile devices. The technology also allows the clients to move Internet from the desktops to the mobile devices.

With DoDots Tony Medrano overseeing the action in this area, the clients of the organization can use Dots to brand and package their content and distribute instantly. Dots are available on desktops and can be deployed with any application one can think of. These include HTML, JavaScript, e-commerce, transactions, streaming media and entertainment content like music and games.

This technology is fantastic in the sense that clients can collect data in the form of Dots from multiple customer portals. With the click of a mouse, these Dots can be turned on and off, collected and moved together on the desktop. The Dots can be used to deliver any content easily and quickly and offer a flexible alternative to the present document-based model of the Internet. Thus, the clients using Dots can beat the competition by leveraging speed and flexibility in content update capabilities.

There was a time when everyone thought that the organization is way ahead of the technological capabilities that were prevalent around that time. And this resulted in the organization almost going down and passing into oblivion. However, things changed around fast and the organization has now received investment boost from some of the most well-known global investors including SOFTBANK Venture Capital, Chase Capital Partners, Merrill Lynch and Staenberg Venture Partners II, LP. This has allowed the organization to expand its client base by offering them services that are required for the internet consumption trends as of now.

There are more users of mobiles when it comes to using online content. Businesses that have seen success online know that they can make more by targeting their users through mobile devices and this has resulted in a complete paradigm shift as far as feeding content to the users is concerned. The best thing about Dots is that they allow for speed and flexibility, something that all the internet clients cannot do without in the present time.

Current and updated content means more business in the online space and some companies have already realized this fact. This is the reason many of them are moving to embrace Dots to keep their content up-to-date. As a business owner, understanding the concept of Dots is essential for you. It is a great technology to embrace and take your business to the next level.

DoDots is an internet technology that allows content to be updated and deployed in a short span of time. With DoDots Tony Medrano at the helm of the organization, things are already looking bright.

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