DoDots Tony Medrano and how he helps you move content to mobiles

Posted by Larry Taggart on March 13th, 2018

It is common knowledge that visitors to website spend more time on the content if it is updated and fresh. DoDots Tony Medrano, one of the founders of DoDots, Inc., makes this job easier for the online content creators. Thanks to the technology called dots, online content can now be changed in a jiffy and deployed instantly. This technology, once called ahead of its time, is now gathering all the news along with DoDots Tony Medrano.

You can gauge the success of an organization from the kind of investment it is able to raise. When investors come swarming in to invest in an organization, you know that these investors would have seen the past success of the organization and are highly bullish about the future of the organization. DoDots is deemed to be a successful organization considering it has had two rounds of successful investments. In the last round of investment, some of the best investors worldwide invested in DoDots and the names include SOFTBANK Venture Capital, Chase Capital Partners, Merrill Lynch and Staenberg Venture Partners II, LP.

With such robust investment, DoDots is now perfectly tuned to cater to your clients. There was a time when this organization was thought to be way ahead of its time but not now anymore. The feeders of online content have realized that it is a great idea to go ahead with DoDots Tony Medrano and change the way they are able to feed fresh content to their consumers.

The Dots technology, an innovative technological solution from DoDots, now provides an excellent alternative to the document-based internet model. With the use of dots, an online content feeder can easily brand and package their content. Not only this – the feeder can also deploy the updated content instantly. In this age when mobile internet content has become the most consumed content, Dots allows content feeders to move from desktops to mobiles. The flexibility of this solution allows feeders to change their content as and when required so that they can hold on to their online visitors. This automatically translates into better sales opportunities.

DoDots has partnered with 2Roam to extend its existing capabilities and move from desktops to mobiles. All the content that is residing on desktops can now be moved to mobiles thanks to the fantastic capabilities of 2Roam. With this partnership in place, DoDots is now able to cater to its clients even more efficiently and quickly.

DoDots Tony Medrano is a veteran of this domain and he has overseen a massive boost in the fortunes of his organization. DoDots is not a new organization – it was founded in 1999. After the few difficult initial years, the organization now seems completely scaled up to ensure that it is able to deliver to its clients a technology that is commensurate with the speed with which online content is consumed by the public.

If you are looking to take your content to mobiles, there is nothing better than using Dots. Try it and you will fall in love.

DoDots Tony Medrano brings to you the latest in content deployment. With DoDots Tony Medrano and DoDots, you can now reach your consumers faster with the latest content.

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