What is Food Distribution?

Posted by Shrikant Sharma on March 14th, 2018

Food distribution basically involves the storage, transportation and marketing of food based products directly to customers. This is a systematic procedure where the masses get access to their food supplies. The distribution of food for the common people has always been a major attribute of most communities and cities in the world. This is an age old practice that harks back several thousand years!

What is the proper channel and use through which food wholesalers operate?
Food wholesalers usually undertake product distribution across commercial, retail and manufacturing entities among other establishments. The wholesalers of food are also playing a major role where they are linking the market and farmers through properly distributing the food supplies amongst multiple final consumers.
Does this add any value to the entire system?
Most consumers do not know but food distributors and processing is vital for adding greater value to the food that you consume. This helps in boosting the margins of profit that do not automatically arise from food that has not been processed and is raw. There is the Fordist system which is followed by several countries where marginal profits come back into the production mechanism for food although the retail expenditure for food is at normal levels. The costs also increase exponentially due to the overall logistics and additional expenses such as packaging, transportation, labour and even advertising and marketing. The transport and logistics costs influence the overall freshness, quality and the flavours of food along with helping it retain its nutritional quotient. This is also impacted by the period of storage and other infrastructure. There is also the integration of preservatives, salts, stabilizers and other artificial sugars for maintaining food quality.
Whether UAE’S Strategic location can be beneficial for the new and the existing companies to bring a change?

Food wholesaling and distribution is currently seeing an inflection point in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The UAE can actually harness the benefits of its Bay Area and help in enhancing the overall access towards food for communities with lower income levels. Yet, there should be definite policies that have to be implemented for accomplishing this task. The UAE can strategically scale up overall consumption of food and also enhance access to the same. It can also boost food security and also offer support for institutions and educational establishments by providing food that is fresh and produced locally. There can be centres set up strategically in the Bay Area itself as a result.
Almaya Distributions with an extensive network capability allows us to increase food consumption, access to food, increase food security, from sourcing to marketing to distribution and on to end-user consumers.

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