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Posted by Rajiv Partap Singh on March 14th, 2018

PAX 3 is the third product of the company down the line, and it’s clearly the best one. With multiple features and economical range, PAX 3 vaporizer is so far the king of vaping. Many countries have already legalized the use of marijuana, especially for medical purpose and that’s no less than a breaking news for people looking for healthy ways of vaping.

While the list of features could go on and on, below are a few major benefits of portable and cheap Pax 3 vaporizer. Let’s have a look:

1. Portable

The best thing about Pax 3 is its portable nature - making it easy to carry along with you wherever you go. With the advent of technology, you can find some good vaporizer brands offering portable products for convenience of their clients. Pax 3 vaporizer is undoubtedly the best model you can get. It fits your pocket in a second and doesn’t bother. It’s also lightweight, which makes it additionally alluring for vaping lovers.

2. Reasonable

Another plus point of Pax 3 is its economical range. The vaporizer is available at a price which is affordable. Though the price could not be said as low as some other models, Pax 3 still continues to be one of the cheapest vaporizers you can get in its price range.

3. Feature-Rich

Apart from being cheap and portable, Pax 3 comes packed with a bundle of features. The small vaporizer amasses a lot of functionality, which is the reason behind its immense popularity.the best thing is, it’s a dry herb vaporizer - implying the herbs aren’t burnt but only heated to release amazing vapes. Also, it works on a single button control, with 4 simple heat settings. This lets you adjust the vape quality and quantity as per your need and preference.

4. Sleek Design

Pax 3 vaporizer is designed in a way to make it easy for people to keep and use it. It’s compact and sleek, making it easy to put anywhere in your purse, pocket, or drawer. The LED lights further increase its appearance.

5. Quick

Last but the most important - Pax 3 releases vapes quickly. The vapor production rate is high and better than its predecessor. This lets you enjoy quality, dense vapes up to 3 times faster than Pax 2. So in short, you get more vapes in lesser time.

If you are also interested in Pax 3 vaporizer, you can buy it at To The Cloud vapor store. Apart from Pax series, you will find many other interesting options to choose from within an affordable range.

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