What is Pre-wedding photo Shoot? Why should couples try this?

Posted by Sagar Gore on March 14th, 2018

Pre-wedding photo shoot means bride and groom choose latest fashion clothes and location for a photo shoot before their wedding day. The craze of the pre-wedding shoot was very less than two to three years ago. But nowadays it's too much.

The main Purpose of Pre Wedding Shoot is that before the wedding, the bride and groom should be slightly friendly. In most of the cases in Kauai, a Kauai wedding photographer who shoots pre-weddings also shoots a wedding also. The pre-wedding shoot also helps the photographer to know the bride and groom better before the wedding.

Nowadays everyone wants to shoot pre-wedding. The location of the pre-wedding shoot is dependent on the customer's choice. Some like the mountain, some likes beaches, and some likes the castle.

Why should bride and groom try pre-wedding shoo

Before wedding bride and groom don’t know how to take a photo, so because of pre-wedding photography, they will get to know how to give poses and handle body language at the day of the wedding.

In pre-wedding shoot, couple will also get to know how a photographer takes photos and about their services also, and if you don’t like them you can choose different photographer at your wedding day.

You will also get know how you look in your wedding dress.

And the charges of the pre-wedding shoot are not that much high, so the couple can do this and cherish this memories lifetime.

Locations are also key when you want to do a pre-wedding photo shoot. The couple will get paid and free locations. Most of the couples choose free locations but in free locations, you will get lots of barriers while shooting photos, there will be the crowd, you also will not going to get any room for changing clothes.

So Kauai portrait photography service providers always suggest bride and groom go to paid locations. Pre-wedding shoots at Paid Locations are a bit costly, but there are some advantages such as clothes changing places, as well as you will able shoot at different places with different themes available at that location. Also, because of the public or guard, you do not have to be troubled again and again in the middle of the shoot

 So if you are planning to get married just try to do pre-wedding photo shoot it is fun, and you will also able to cherish this moment with your child. So it is a win-win situation for you so don’t hesitate to spend money on this, it is your life’s best moments so don’t let it go, enjoy it!

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