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Not to promote buying, but Sportswear have their own functions, which is why it is a separate industry on its own. So many women in the gym come in their regular bras and do such intense exercises, we recommended to use wear Sports Bra. We should all be properly equipped before making something our lifestyle. Not wearing one can cause many complications and sometimes your workout may not even have effects. 

The manufacturing of a Sports Bra is entirely different from other Types of Bras. There is humungous difference in the fabric, design and cut. Unlike other bras, sports bras cannot be handmade.

To break the ice, sports bras are not made of cotton, they cannot be 100% cotton. This is because the whole function of a Sports Bra is to move the moisture (sweat) from the skin through the fabric and let it into the air; which means the material does not absorb the moisture. If you have notices a Sports Bra, they would have small spaces throughout them, between fibers. These spaces are small passageways called capillaries, which help the moisture move. This process is called wicking. Sports Bras are usually made of polyester, nylon, Lycra and spandex, these are materials that do not absorb moisture.


They give your breasts maximum support and provide enough breathability. They are tight and compress your breasts and probably not the most comfortable. But you still need to wear them if you are intense in the gym. Why? Well, because the regular Bra does no good holding your breasts and giving the right support needed during a workout. Compression of your breasts will restrict movement. The flesh is loose in breasts and the tissues will bounce up and down during your workout, this can cause breast injury. Not wearing one will also cause pain and sagging. Oops!

Sports Bras also usually do not have straps and hooks; during a workout the regular straps may fall off and the hooks would definitely start bothering your skin. They come with beautiful racer backs that are straps turned inwards and don’t rub your shoulder bones.

Some compression bras also cause your boobs appear like a uniboob. So try buying an Encapsulation Sports Bra which has two separate cups for each boob.

A good Sports Bra, if you use it 2-3 times a week should last up to six months; also it is not advisable to keep them longer than that. The e-commerce has a crazy number of options, so you could buy a jockey Sports Bra Online or any other Sports Bra Online in India. Try shyaway.com and forever21.com for some good options.

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