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Posted by John Zeller on March 16th, 2018

The duty of a criminal lawyer is to defend the client during a trial even if he is charged with murder or assault or weapons possession or any other criminal activity. The law states that anyone who is accused of criminal charges should be considered as innocent until proven otherwise. Every criminal law firm Toronto believes in the same and tries to make sure their clients get the optimal results. To prevent negative or harsh results, defense lawyers employ certain defense strategies based on the case and the demeanor of the accused. Such defenses are aimed to prove innocence of the individual or reduce the sentence.

ACD [Affirmative Criminal Defense]

There will be evidence that supports the accused and that works against him or her. A professional criminal lawyer Toronto would be clever enough to minimize the strength of the evidence produced against the accused. The lawyer will work with the client to produce evidence that can show the true nature of the circumstances rather than the one produced by the prosecutor. Let’s take an example to understand the defense clearly.

An individual is taken into custody for first degree murder, which indicates that there is planning involved to kill a person and the killing was done intentionally to achieve a particular goal. Toronto criminal lawyers will gather intelligence and produce evidence that supports the accused. If they find an alibi who works a witness to prove the accusations of the prosecutor as wrong, then all the evidence produced by the prosecutor will become weak resulting in a less penalty and decrease of charges. Contact a well-versed criminal lawyer by meeting us through Yelp or Yellow pages.

Plea for insanity

This is very popular among movies where the criminal lawyer tries to prove that his client is insane or not within his own mind while involved in crime situation. The reader should remember that any criminal law firm Toronto would deny high percentage of success in insanity defense. It is because the client is expected to have a previous history of psychological disorder, mental illness or defects. Further, the lawyer has to prove that the client was acting under such psychological imbalances during the crime took place. This is a very difficult defense strategy as insanity pleading would lock the client in committing a crime. If the lawyer fails to prove insanity, then the sentence would be very severe.


This type of defense is fairly common and starts with the client accepting the crimes committed. However, the lawyer and the client state that the crime was committed due to unlawful force or threatening employed by another person or group. Toronto criminal lawyers prepare the case based on the evidence to support that a force or threat was used for the client to act like that. Coercion and Duress is a positive maneuver if there is no strength in the evidence of the defense lawyer. This helps to reduce the sentence considerably.

There are other types of defense like consent, status of limitations, self-defense, etc. that are used as appropriate to the case.

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