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Thyroid Test ? What You Need to Know about it

Posted by mariaweb on March 16th, 2018

Thyroid disorder is common among people. There are more than billions of people around the world who suffer from this ailment. Yet, unfortunately, not everyone knows the details about the disease. People usually associate thyroid disorder with obesity. However, this disorder can have opposite effect as well which means the person suffering from thyroid disorder might lose weight.

It is important that you go for a thyroid test if you think you are suffering from thyroid. However, you need to be very careful about the test because of some reasons. Though any thyroid testing offers accurate results, you need to know that the hormone level of the body varies. This is why, the test result might vary from day one to day two. Even the test result might vary when conducted in different time of a day. This is why you must be careful when you are conducting the test.

In case, you have conducted the test when your hormone level is low, your doctor is bound to give you low medicine dose. In this case, within a few days, you might feel lethargic. You might even notice hair loss. This happens when someone gets little medicinal assistance from outside.

If you suffer from such symptoms, don’t just assume that the lab had it wrong. Sometimes it takes time for the experts to nail the real thyroid hormone level through thyroid test.

However, there are times when the test results get wrongly interpreted. Depending on the hormone level and the food you have eaten, the reading may come up with different interpretation.

To get the test right on the first time, you need to understand the fluctuation. However, before moving further, it is important to mention that going for blood test without doctor is possible. But, it is not recommended as you would need doctor’s assistance for proper guidance.

Fasting and Thyroid Testing

If you explore thyroid guideline, you will see that most of them suggest that people should fast on the day of the test. How far is this true? However, there are guidelines that say, you need to fast on the day.

It is easy to get confused. It is better to fast on the day of thyroid testing. It has been seen that test result which has been done in empty stomach differs from the test result that has been done in full stomach. This is why, you need to make additional effort to conduct the test in empty stomach.

Timing and Medication

According to the guideline of the thyroid testing, it has been said that you can conduct the test any time of the day. This is partly true. When you are conducting TSH test, the hormone level throughout the day remains steady. However, this thing does not get applied when you are opting for T3 level testing. T3 level has high fluctuation tendency. This is why, you must be careful about T3 level testing.

Why Fluctuation Happen

The thing you need to understand is – fluctuation happens due to a lot of reasons. The actual reason why the fluctuation happens, remains unclear to the doctors till day. In fact, to the doctors it is not sure how staying in empty stomach can help anyone get better test result.

You need to remember that blood test without doctor is an easy proposition. It is important you make it a point to find the right clinic. Reputation is important when you are trying to find the clinic for thyroid testing. You can get the information from online forums. Here you will get to know what others are saying about the clinic.

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