How to Create a Cozy Home in a Rented Apartment?

Posted by John Zeller on March 16th, 2018

In this life, our grandmothers said, one must plant a tree, raise a child, build a home.
And if for the tree and child we have both hands for, building a home is no longer a compulsory occupation. The moving companies in torontoare here to help you move all your things and feel like home.

Owning housing, is however advantageous, but it may be an obstacle to development, especially to someone who has barely entered in their 20s.

Even in the long run to think of your own home, at least in a moment of your life you will have to rent - because of your studies, because of the irresistible desire not to be under the same roof as your parents, because of the thrill of having a place to call "Own", even if it is actually "strange".

And here comes the great finesse - how to feel at home in a home that is not yours.

One option is simply to be super-fit and with the right accessories to decorate the furniture available so that it does not make you notice that it is from the 80s of the last century (yes, yes, mass rooms are such).

The other option, which is preferable, is to head to an unfurnished apartment where you can put your own furniture, of course, without leading you to bankruptcy.

Own furniture in a "non-owned" dwelling has to meet several important criteria:

- easy to carry:

Not only from the store, but from home to home. Choose light constructions, convenient packaging and the ability to assemble and disassemble an unlimited number of times.

By the way, it will also mean a lower price, and when it is rented, it is of particular importance.

- be multifunctional.

When a person lives on rent, especially if he is young, there is no need for serious furniture to spend for years.

The main things you need are a bed, a dining and work area, and a place for storing items and clothes.

A bedroom with a chest for clothes or drawers for items is preferable to a separate bed and separate shelves.

Moreover, the order is kept much easier when chaos is not visible.

Wardrobe can even be made of cloth, so you will save assembly, and when you move, you just fold it and put it in the rear seat of the car.

- be universal in color and style

As much as you like the pale purple or turquoise blue as the accent of the doors of the cabinets, for example, leave them for the time you will have your own home.

The furniture in a rental apartment must be in neutral colors to suit any setting.

In no case does this means waking up in a sterile environment.

The color accents will come from bedclothes, accessories and your personal belongings, and white furniture actually makes the room lighter and more open.

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