Active Ankle Socks Market Analysis and Forecast Study for 2017 - 2025

Posted by mahendra lunkad on March 18th, 2018

Active ankle socks are meant for outdoor enthusiasts who love to run or cycle and do other forms of physical exercise and give their feet support, comfort and enjoyment during exercise. The main attractive features of active ankle socks are that they are durable, have an excellent quality, are pocket friendly and give the wearer the desired comfort during exercising. The active ankle socks are designed to keep the feet of the wearer cooler and dryer for a long period of time.

Due to the features present in the active ankle socks, the process of moisture management in the feet is enhanced, and drains out excess moisture from the feet to keep the individuals wearing them more comfortable during exercise and other training sessions. Due to the strategically placed meshes in the active ankle socks, ventilation and breathability is aided in the feet. Another feature of the active ankle socks is that the heel and toe of the socks have been reinforced to enhance the durability of the socks and in order to enhance the comfort of the wearer of such socks and to prevent the occurrence of blisters in the feet. In addition, there are arch support zones and Y-stitched heels that offer a comfortable fit to the wearer, and on the other hand shaped anti stressed cuffs give a freedom of movement to the wearer, which is most essential for doing heavy physical activity.

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Another application of active ankle socks is for individuals who are suffering from diabetes, arthritis and sensitive feet. Active ankle socks are designed to relieve the discomfort associated with sore feet, provide warmth and prevent the growth of bacteria in the feet. Such type of active ankle socks possess multi-zone construction that provides increased protection to the sore-prone areas of the feet. In such type of active ankle socks, silver ions are present in the fibres of the socks, preventing the growth of bacteria, fungus and odour. Such type of active ankle socks can be used with any kind of dress like a low cut dress and can be also used in tandem with sneakers and sports shoes. Generally, such type of active ankle socks are unisex, and also helps to prevent skin injury and infection.

In addition, the use of active ankle socks is believed to prevent swelling due to the use of compression technology in them, and are preferred by runners and other sportspersons who wish to protect their feet. In addition, present day active ankle socks are stylishly made, giving them an aura of a fashion statement, making the wearer of such socks look hep. The main driver of the global active ankle socks market is its affordability. Most of the active ankle socks are available under , and hence they are quite affordable to the general public in the developed regions.

Another driver supporting the growth of the active ankle socks market is the growing awareness about health and fitness. Due to this reason, more and more people are flocking to the gyms for exercise, and for this reason active ankle socks are bought. In addition, with the spread of smartphones and internet, there are a wide variety of ecommerce outlets where such kind of active ankle socks can be bought. Due to the rapid proliferation of such type of ecommerce websites selling active ankle socks, their market is also growing consequently.

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