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Posted by Alma Miller on March 18th, 2018

Many people don’t know that law firms deal in many more areas other than tendering legal services. The world is gradually shrinking in size because of technology and many people have business interests in multiple countries. If you are looking for company registration Cyprus, there are different rules related to which country you belong to. The same goes with opening bank accounts in Cyprus or some other country – a law firm is best equipped to help you.

Your company registration

For registering your company in Cyprus or some other country, you need a law firm that operates in multiple countries. The benefit of hiring such a firm is that your work gets done without any hassles. Most of these law firms have local presence in the countries they operate in and this means they can get your work done locally. Can you imagine travelling to another part of the world so that your company could get registered there? You will end up spending loads of money and time when it could have been avoided. When the work gets done at a local level, it is done better and your presence may not be required at all.

Hiring a law firm for your company registration Cyprus is important because they are aware of the relevant laws. If you go ahead on your own, it is highly possible that you will hit a bottleneck somewhere because you need to deal with bureaucrats. A lawyer, on the other hand, will have easier access to the bureaucrats and they can get your job done through their contacts.

A law firm can help you with myriad options when it comes to registering your company in Cyprus or some other country. From the setup to the tax matters – everything can be planned as per your need. Some of the law firms also help with finding the ideal location for your business, whether in Cyprus or some other country.

Opening your bank account

If you are an individual, it is easier to open a bank account in Cyprus. You can open your account through an overseas branch of a Cypriot bank and this can be done before you arrive in the country. You need to be over 18 years of age and should be able to furnish a proof of identity and address.

However, opening corporate bank accounts in Cyprus may not be this easy. There are various rules and regulations in place and you also need to furnish the right documents. There could be a lot of running around that you can avoid if you let a law firm handle the job for you.

A top law firm also helps you with choosing the bank for your exact purpose. There are enough and more banks in Cyprus but not all of them may be able to cater to your needs. And if you are a foreign national who is looking to open a bank account in Cyprus, it is critical that you choose the right bank. A professional law firm will ensure that your demands are prioritized so that you don’t face issues later on.

The top law firms in Cyprus

For all this to happen seamlessly, you need to deal with one of the best law firms in Cyprus. There are firms that offer you the best standards in legal representation. These firms are professional in the way they deal with you, they show their full commitment and support in handling your request and they communicate with you in complete transparency.

There are some boutique law firms in Cyprus that deal with both individual and corporate clients. These firms have some of the best lawyers you can find and they offer you the most comprehensive range of services. Most importantly, these firms don’t scare you – they have a down-to-earth attitude that puts you in complete ease.

It is all a matter of trust

Dealing with a law firm requires you to trust your lawyer and vice-versa. Hence, it is important that you do a proper background check of a law firm before you hire it. Also, you should be clear in your communication with the firm so that they know exactly what your needs are. This will ensure that you are always given priority.

There is no need for you to fear the law when you hire from the best law firms in Cyprus. On the contrary, your job will be done in an efficient manner, offering you complete peace of mind in your dealings.

From company registration Cyprus to opening corporate bank accounts, trust a law firm that delivers on its promises.

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