Mobile Pet Care Market Intelligence Study for Comprehensive Insights 2017 - 2025

Posted by mahendra lunkad on March 19th, 2018

Pet grooming is vital for the overall health and cleanliness of dogs and other domestic animals. Regular pet grooming can help prevent specific health problems. Pets tend to face stress and anxiety when taken to fixed pet care facilities. Therefore, mobile pet care services are ideal for pet owners whose pets are not comfortable in large groups and need personal care and attention. The mobile pet care service vans are cage free which leads lesser stress on pets. According to American Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, one should groom their pets on regular basis to avoid possible health issues.

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North America is a pet friendly region. More people own dogs than cats. Similarly in UK, it is estimated that there are more than 6.7 million dogs and more than 9.8 million cats in 2015. Italy and Poland are also expected to have almost similar number of pets and Germany has more than 7.8 million cats and 5.2 million dogs in 2015. The growing number of pets in these developed regions are expected to surge the demand for mobile pet care services during the forecast period. People are becoming aware about the benefits of the mobile pet care services such as personalized individual attention and expert care given to each individual pet, and also no exposure to other pets which is the most hygienic and clean attribute of this service.

However, in developing countries such as India, China, despite the higher population there are less number of pets. For instance, in 2015, it is estimated that 11 million cats and 26.8 million dogs are there in China, regardless of the fact that the country has almost five times more population compared to US.

With the increase in demand for professional grooming services there have increasing number of mobile pet care service providers are offering professional shampooing, clipping, brushing, and other grooming services for dogs. Many of the mobile pet care service providers are offering franchisee opportunities, for instance Pooch Mobile, and the Mobile Dog Wash in UK.

One of the major drivers driving the market for mobile pet care services is convenience, it is one of the major benefits for working class population. These mobile pet care service providers also offer early morning, late night, and weekend appointments which traditional pet salons do not offer. Another trend driving the mobile pet care services market is rising number of millennial population are preferring to own a pet. Almost 3/4th of the population in their ages of thirties own a dog, and more than 50% of the same age group own a cat.

The latest trends in the market is mobile pet care service providers offering eco-friendly products and solutions. The pet groomers are using natural, non-toxic, and environmentally safe products on pets. Few examples of such products includes All Natural Dog Ear Cleaner, and TropiClean Fresh Breath Oral Care Kit. For instance, Zoomin Groomin uses Pure Oxygen cleaning and deodorizing solutions for pets, and these products are claimed to be 100% non-toxic as they leave no residues on pets skin and are anti-bacterial along with environmentally safe attributes.

The mobile pet care service providers; particularly groomers are also trying to use sustainable technologies to reduce wastage of water. However, one of the key challenge is low awareness and low penetration rate in the APAC countries, the mobile pet care service providers have ample opportunities in these regions. Other challenges for the mobile pet care services providers market include, along with the convenience provided, these services are costlier. Mobile groomers offer convenience but charge more than the average grooming pet salon, and few service providers also charge hourly convenience fee. 

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Mobile Pet Care Market Players

The Mobile Pet Care services Market is fragmented and competitive, with large number of players operating at the regional and local level. Some of the major players in the market includes,

  • 4 Paws Mobile Spa
  • The Pooch Mobile USA
  • Hollywood Grooming
  • Aussie Pet Mobile
  • Dial a Dog Wash
  • My Pet Mobile Vet
  • Aussie Mobile Vet
  • Alpha Grooming Pet Salon
  • VetMatrix
  • PurrFurred Pet Styling
  • The Shot Spot

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