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Posted by swarajlive on March 19th, 2018

Swarajlive is such a new and an upcoming online news portal that began its journey in Bihar, Patna. Swarajlive provides you with looking to get all the news in one basket, then you have chosen the right news portal online news that will always keep you updated irrespective of time and incident.

All these years there is a constant shift in the news industry. Gone are the days when the print media was considered to be the vital tool for publishing as well as distributing updated news of news industry. Currently, the websites that publish updated different news seem to have gained huge popularity.

Earlier the reporters and journalist used to gather information from different sources of the different field with the sole purpose of offering information that is interesting and that is capable of drawing the attention of the readers. Previously, they also had to devote a lot of time to develop news story and to present it in an attractive way to the readers and to engage their readers for a long period of time.

Indeed, the situation has changed drastically with the arrival of news websites. The faster the website publishes interesting news of entertainment world, the faster the website gets popular.

Online news websites publish fresh and authentic news and they are available to online users at free of cost.

In India, online news websites are available so as to suit the essential requirements of users. Whether you want to read Bihar news in Hindi, breaking news in Hindi, Jharkhand news, Patna Hindi news, Patna news headlines, cricket news or you want to stay updated with the current happenings of the same sector, everything is available at your fingertips.

In order to read Hindi news on swarajlive websites, you first have to read the headlines and if you find them to be interesting, only then you would read the whole news story of the entertainment sector. In the current times, the challenge of the news websites is to present the updated entertainment news item prior to their competitors as well as publish them in an interesting way.

The news of several websites mainly includes various kinds of things. People have merely a craze to know all the things related to the world. This has been increasing with passing days and people living in the society are more and more interested.

Thus, the credibility of the website increases and this helps to spread social awareness. People have a preference to have knowledge about various kinds of facts. Truth has to be presented without any manipulation as the latest news. There should be double checking whether the conveyed information is fact or not.

All our sections in the portal are informative including elections, sports, world, politics, country, state and religion. If there is any trending news that is making headlines in the state or world, you will find it here on our online portal at Swarajlive.

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