Get Telecare Alarms and help your Elderly Relative to Live Comfortably

Posted by Suresafe alarms on March 20th, 2018

A Telecare alarm is very useful as it can help your elderly relative to stay in own home independently with dignity. She will not have to pay nursing home charges and go to a nursing home. But in case you require assessment of your needs it is better to contact the department of local authority social services.

There are different types of alarms that can be bought to meet the needs of elderly relatives living on their own. Some alarms are built to alert the neighbor or the caretaker like the portable alarms which run on battery or pressured gas and can be bought online or from high street shops. They can be carried or worn and make a pitched sound when the button is pressed which can be heard for some distance.

Fall Alarm is a device that gets activated when a person wearing this alarm falls to an angle of 20 degrees or more and continues lying without moving for about 8 seconds an autodial alarm is activated or a signal is sent to a pager that is portable and is with the caretaker.

Personal Pendant Alarms

Personal Pendant Alarms are designed to help the elderly remain at home with an alarm to call for help when needed. The alarms are wireless, waterproof and are connected through the control center providing confidence and support to the elderly that help is at hand. This also provides family and friends of the elderly with peace of mind that their relative is safe.

When the elderly presses the button she is connected to the team that cares for them. The care team will get in touch with the emergency services or the key- holders to provide them the help they require.

Telecare Equipment Systems

Telecare has a lot of equipment that can be used to install around the home when elderly people are living on theirownlike the Home Alarm System which can be used to call for help when the elderly feel unwell or have or fall and cannot reach the phone. The home alarm can link them to a caretaker or a neighbor who can provide them assistance. Some are linked to a call center that will send a warden when the alarm rings.

There are flood warning sensors, smoke sensors and heat sensors that can raise an alarm when thereis  smoke or the tap is left on and the home starts flooding.

How Telecare helps the elderly in Northern Ireland?

In Northern Ireland Telecare helps the elderly to live comfortably in their own homes independently. When the elderly touch a button the family or friends can be alerted any time of the day or night and during the whole week. The alarm is used as a wristband or a pendantand works around the home or garden so help can be called if necessary.

It is light weight and easy for the user or friend to install. The call will be answered in seconds with help at the doorstep.

If you want peace of mind that your elderly relative has help and assistance, get a personal alarm from Telecare which can be used on the wrist or as a pendant round the neck that will help to alert the call center for help. Go to and choose the best Telecare Alarmsat affordable price.

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