3 Integration Related Questions You Must Ask Your Web-to-Print Solutions Provide

Posted by Pratik Shah on March 20th, 2018

If you are a budding ecommerce store owner, you must be into exploring different ways in which you can offer better shopping experiences to your customers. And while on your journey, you are sure to come across the word “product personalization.” Thereafter, you start finding out the ways in which you can provide personalized products to your customers. You figure out that several e-store owners are considering to integrate online web-to-print solutions with their website. Next, you think to yourself “What is integration and how should I go about integrating one of these tools to my website?”
Integration is nothing but unifying two different systems in such a way that the data from both the systems becomes a part of one comprehensive system. Now, if you go on to have a web-to-print shop of your own, you might have to undertake the task of integration. This is a problem if you are a non-technical person. During such times, the ideal thing to do would be to get in touch with a company that has crafted and developed a product designer tool integrable with your website platform.
Before you get in touch with one of the web-to-print solution providers, you need to ask them certain questions about integration. What are they? Let us try to know in detail:

Is your solution compatible with my platform?

This is the first and the most important question that you need to ask to your providers. This is because not all online web-to-print solutions are compatible with the platform you have. In such a scenario, the best thing to do would be to go for a platform independent tool. So, whether your platform is based on Magento, WordPress, Shopify, PHP or PrestaShop, the designing tool will work regardless of that.

Would I be able to make changes in the extension?

It is imperative that the tool you integrate with your platform fits your requirements. A generic tool might not work for you if you have specific needs. If you go for an extension which is an open source, you would be able to customize the web-to-print software. In case, you cannot; the company providing web-to-print extension would be able to do it for you. It is advisable not to go for a tool which is not flexible and dynamic.

Will It Accept All Print-ready File Types?

Last but not the least, you must ask if your web-to-print store will accept different file formats and enable you to print. There are times when e-store owners end up integrating the tool in haste to realize at a later stage that the software is not compatible with certain file types. What follows is emailing and requesting customers to upload files in the right format. In order to avoid an embarrassing situation like this one, make sure you invest into a tool that accepts file formats including JPG, JPEG, SVG and more.
When you find the right answers to the above questions, you will have much clarity as to whether or not you should go about integrating the web-to-print software in questions. Remember, it is okay to be curious and ask the most basic questions instead of regretting at a later stage. And the more promptly and accurately the company authorities get back to you, the more faith you will have in the brand. Make sure you conduct the research right. All the best!

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