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Posted by Maggie on March 21st, 2018

With RuneScape Pieces of Hate introduced in game, we have summed up an easy guide for you. Apart from this, you can buy runescape gold from RSorder.Attacks should be able abundant to conteract body split, and maybe vampyrism schrim; Amateur will run out of aliment afore the monster unless they do something drastic. Runescape doesnt accept any "war by attrition" blazon mosnters except Scutarius; yep accomplish a big adaptation of him. Amateur 1 tanks, Amateur 2 does the annihilate while demography corp akin damage.

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Pieces of Hate guide

1.Left click the house portal to make Postie Pete appear.
2.Get a letter from him and read it.
3.Go to the Customs Office in Rimmington and deposit all your items in the locker.
4.Speak to the Customs Sergeant and be sent to the Rock Island.
5.Speak to Bill Teach by shouting through the bars.
6.Talk to Two-Eyed Eric and get a spare hook.
7.Tear off some cloth with the hook and then get the hook attached to cloth.
8.Go out and use the cloth-hook on the fishing spot to get a fish and turn the hook into a sharp one.
9.Summon a seagull on the perch rock with the fish.
10.Distract the guards with the fish on the door attracting the seagull.
11.Unlock the lock with the sharp hook and block out the guards by pushing the barrels of black stone by the door.
12.Unlock Bill Teach’s cell door with the hook, which will be taken away by a rat.
13.Get a cheese sandwich, pineapple, wooden spoon, and custom’s uniform after searching the desk and locker.
14.Wear the uniform.
15.Create a trap to catch the rat named Wilson.
16.Get the Guard’s Keys from Wilson after comforting it.
17.Free the other prisoners with keys.
18.Talk to Madame Shih and Jimmy the Parrot to open the door in the middle of the prison.
19.Distract the neutral Crassian guard with the Pineapple Wilson.
20.Find first floor keys on the east bed and open the north door on the 1st floor.
21.Head to the Pier and dive off.
22.Get the location of Robin Jack from Zombie pirate head.
23.Defeat Zogoth.
24.Complete various tasks around Mos Le’Harmless,which is being invaded by Rabid Jack's zombie army and stop the invasion.
25.Go to Braindeath Island and find Mi-Gor to get the location of the Jack’s base.
26.Enter the underwater temple and “kill” Robin Jack 4 times.
27.Speak with Madame Shih and then appear next to the row boat on Mos Le’Harmless.
28.go to the Harpoon Joe’s House of ‘Rum’ and sit in the chair for the final cutscene.
29.Complete the quest and ensure you have 6 free spots in the inventory for the rewards.

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