Best iOS Geolocation-Based Games to go for in 2018

Posted by Juned Ahmed on March 21st, 2018

All modern smartphones are equipped with GPS functionality and this helps you explore the world of fun games further. In case of iPhones, the quality offered by iOS games in the App Store provides you with an immersive experience. Many games are available free of cost while some may include charges. GPS allows the player to move around the neighbourhood and complete different tasks. This provides you with great opportunities to have the most exciting experience of the genre of augmented reality (AR) games. Taking into consideration the game design principles for developers, you need to develop gaming apps on iOS that use real-world maps and locations as the gaming environment and augment it with a unique plot, wonderful creatures, and amazing quests. Here we discuss the best iOS geolocation-based games that will be stealing the show in 2018 and provide ample ideas to iPhone app developers for developing revamped GPS-based games.

Pokemon GO

This is a legendary geolocation-based game that brought a new genre of AR games into the market and changed the traditional perception about games. This freely available game makes the player’s in-game avatar walk in the game world to places as you move in the real world to catch all Pokemon species in the wild and train them to form your team and fight other players and their “pet” Pokemons. This dynamic outdoor game became extremely popular and had bagged several Guinness records and gained incredible downloads and earnings. This has inspired a trend of mobile game development that utilizes built-in GPS to provide the thrill of playing in real-time locations with objectives to give a palpable experience to users.


Ingress, a similar AR based game was created in 2012 before Pokemon GO, though the later might be more mainstream and became more popular among gamers. Like Pokemon GO, the in-game avatar moves as the player moves in the real world but has a futuristic science-fiction theme, making you participate in a faction war and acquire virtual objects to capture a virtual territory. It has a capturing plot and a sci-fi theme that is more robust and social than Pokemon GO. This game interacts with the GPS system of your smartphone to track locations and when played with friends and neighbours, it gives an exciting experience. Hidden energy sources can be tracked from the inbuilt map and progress made by other players can also be tracked. You can collect more points by gaining control over portals and collecting more real-world points that can make your faction a winner.

Parallel mafia

This is a freely available iOS game based on a storyline that revolves around the mafia. You can acquire territories; build safe houses and business front to become the mafia lord of your area. After watching movies like Scarface and Godfather, some users may be fantasizing to be in the mafia, the world of criminal rules. This game offers you exactly this opportunity to become a real boss of your criminal clan and have various entertainment opportunities at your disposal.

Temple Treasure Hunt

If you are a mystery and myth lover, this one is for you. This geolocation based AR game is freely available for playing outdoors or indoors. You can choose the role of being a treasure hunter or a treasure protector. It uses real location as the map and Indian mythological characters turn out to be treasure guardians. As a treasure hunter, you discover the treasure and as a treasure protector, you need to create treasure trails.

Zombies, Run!

This mission-based game is thrilling and captures the attention of the player with its addictive theme as the player plays the role of the protagonist/ hero and runs away from hostile zombies. The narrative of the story of each mission is variable and lasts for around 30 to 60 minutes, making the player run. While enjoying the story, you can also choose to play your favourite background music from the options given. The user can play it anywhere – while taking a walk or jogging along the beach, and stay in shape as it makes you run for your life. Based on the GPS movement, the audio drama detects the speed of the player and there are consequences of failure. Earphones give a more immersive experience in this case.


Geocaching resembles the treasure hunt games school kids used to play. It has been developed as a location-based GPS mobile game. You can track and discover geocaches scattered at different places across the globe. With its exciting adventures and the ability to send messages, you can send messages to your fellow players to give and get hints about treasure locations. Though the basic game is freely available, players who want enhanced experience and greater access, premium membership at a fixed price per month may be needed.


In this game you can play as a government agent and give you a mission to spy on hostile agents in real locations. The theme is based on intrusive surveillance, espionage, and account hacking as it is partially a game of intelligence. It takes advantage of the fact in the digital world online operations often leave behind telltale signs for government agencies, marketers, and duplicitous to abuse. Players can interact with each other also. Thus, CodeRunner gives a new concept to mobile game development taking the theme for living the players personal spy fantasy.


This game is based on the theme of virtual land purchase and sale as it allows you to trade the lands near you. For entrepreneurial minds this is a terrific game as it involves skills, luck, and intelligence and takes mobile game development to a still higher level.

Wrapping up

An iPhone app development company needs to come up with new ideas to engage the users with the development of GPS features and other technical development like AR and VR. Though people are showing concerns over the risks involved in using GPS over smartphones, if used properly, GPS can actually make you safer. Moreover, these GPS-based games actually make you get off your couch and explore them more outdoors.

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