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Lip reduction surgery in Delhi ? Important things you should know!

Posted by bestfacesurgery on March 21st, 2018

In the present era of picture perfect society, your appearance and looks matter the most. As a matter of fact, an increasing number of people are considering undergoing knife to achieve better and improved looks. For those who are not happy with the size of their big lips can now undergo lip reduction surgery in India ( and get desired look.

It is a cosmetic procedure which is performed for improving the appearance of an individual’s lips by reducing size. The objectives of this cosmetic procedure are to balance the relationship between the lower and upper lips and make mouth proportional with remaining facial features. This procedure is performed by making use of different methods. Also it is only after examining a patient that lip reduction surgeon in Delhi would recommend whether it has to be just one procedure or combination of procedure to achieve right look.

Who all can undergo this surgery?

This kind of surgical procedure is the right option for those people whose lips are prominent and disrupt the balance of facial features. Although prominent lips are a cosmetic problem, there could be several other causes too like a medical condition known as marcocheilia. In some cases, this condition might also lead to problems with the speech patterns and oral functions of the patient. Also it can cause lack or drooling of salivary control.  There are several other factors which can trigger this condition such as glandular hypertrophy, double lip, hypertrophy, tissue thickening, dento-facial deformities, vascular malformations, infection, neoplasms and trauma among others.

No matter what the cause of this condition is, prominent lips can mar the self-esteem and self-confidence of people. This is one of the most common reasons why people prefer undergoing this procedure.  Lip reduction surgery can also be done for correcting problems caused by lip augmentation surgery such as scar formation, post-operative swelling and when the lips of patient are overfilled with injectable.  

About Eyelid Surgery Procedure

Lip reduction in Delhi ( is performed under IV sedation and the entire procedure lasts for about thirty to fifty minutes per lip on the basis of the cause as well as extent of the problem.   You can learn about best lip reduction surgery cost in India only after consulting a surgeon who has experience and expertise in performing this surgery.

Before starting the procedure, cosmetic surgeon marks the area of patient’s lip indicating how much tissue has to be removed. Then an incision is made on the inner side of the lip for gaining access to the tissue inside the lips while squeezing lip between fingers for minimum bleeding. Then excess tissue and fat are removed from the lip.  Cosmetic surgeon who performs this surgery has different approach for every patient.

As far as recovery period is concerned, a patient will take around seven to fifteen days. Stitches which are dissolvable across the inner lips of a patient might settle as well as improve in overall appearance over a period of six to twelve weeks.

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