Path of Exile - Breakdown of League Types

Posted by james bonds on March 21st, 2018

These leagues were centered on a mechanic that puts a large group of special monsters in your way, increasing the amount of loot and XP. Note that Harbinger is not included because waiting for the mobs to appear slowed the player down and in some ways decreased xp and loot. These leagues were some of the most popular leagues, not only throwing lots of mobs at people, but also tending to throw out loot explosions. Every one of these leagues except Perandus got rolled into the core game in some way or another.

One Big Badass
These leagues were centered on having one monster that was VERY dangerous. These leagues tended to pull that off, with more people hardcore ripping in the first few days of Invasion that any league before or after. Essence changed that up by letting you control when you got attacked and seeing exactly how badass the monster was before you attacked, whereas invasion and anarchy just put danger in your face at every turn. These leagues seem to split the playerbase, with some people hating them and other people loving them.

Wannabe “Mobs Mobs Mobs”
These leagues had a mechanic that tried to be Mobs Mobs Mobs leagues, but really didn’t add enough to the game to pull it off. These leagues fell short of adding enough stuff to be a true Mobs Mobs Mobs league and tended to be unpopular. The mechanics of Bloodlines and Warbands were poorly implemented, and Harbinger packs took too long to spawn and weren’t big enough.

Wannabe “One Big Badass” 
Trying to make a single challenging monster, but falling short, has brought about some of the most hated leagues in PoE history. Nothing is worse that a league that is designed to make you fight a Big Bad, but that Big Bad is six-year old with a squirt gun. Bestiary/Talisman/Nemesis was fun for the first day or two, but got old when you realized that the mobs just weren’t dangerous enough to care. Torment was super clunky and difficult to get the ghosts to go into mobs and actually make them challenging.

Weird “Fun” Stuff 
These leagues vary wildly and didn’t really center on adding lots of mobs or one big bad mob. They had generally interesting mechanics and vary wildly in their popularity, depending on how well those mechanics were implemented.

My general conclusion was that there needs to be a real element of danger to the league, such as how deadly breaches could be, or how scary it was meeting a new invasion monster or exile. The least popular leagues all tended to be leagues that had no danger and/or no reward.

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